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.NET 3.0 Resource Center


XAML Language Feature Reference
XAML language feature reference describes the XAML namespace (x:) language features and the WPF namespace (default) language features.
XAML Namespaces and Namespace Mapping
Documentation: "XAML Namespaces and Namespace Mapping." Topics include the WPF and XAML namespace declarations, mapping to custom classes and assemblies, and mapping CLR namespaces to XML namespaces in an assembly.
XAML Custom Classes
Documentation: "XAML Custom Classes." Topics include custom classes in applications vs. assemblies, requirements for a custom class as a XAML element, requirements for properties of a custom class as XAML attributes, and requirements for events of a custom class as XAML attributes.
XAML Overview
Documentation: "XAML Overview." Discusses how XAML is a declarative language, creating a user interface with XAML, creating a basic XAML file, base classes and XAML, XAML properties, events and more.
XAML and AJAX Discussion Group
Yahoo! Group for rich Internet applications developers based in India. Discusses XAML, AJAX, Macromedia Flex and other technologies.
Yahoo! Group for XAML
Yahoo! Group for XAML discusses Aurora, XAML, WinFX and the Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF).
XAML Parser
"Lightweight" declarative XAML parser written in C#. Includes an introduction, code examples, and more.
MyXAML Open Source Class Instantiator
MyXAML is an open source class instantiator. Site includes downloads, a blog, FAQ, whitepapers, a forum, bug tracker and more.
XAML Controls, Samples and Styles
Find XAML controls, samples and styles, or post and share your own at this site. You'll find animations, buttons, checkboxes, objects, labels, menus, navigation, toolbars, treeviews and more. The site also includes a XAML glossary.
Controls and XAML
Sample chapter: "Chapter 3: Controls and XAML," from the eBook, Introducing "Longhorn" for Developers, by Brent Rector. Topics include XAML elements, XAML panels, controls, resources and styles, graphics and animations, and document services.
Markup Extensions and XAML
Documentation: "Markup Extensions and XAML." Topics include XAML readers and markup extensions, basic markup extension syntax, WPF-specific markup extensions, XAML-defined markup extensions, and markup extension syntax.
XAML Resources
XAML resource site includes downloads, forums, articles and more.
XAML Resource Site
XAML resource site includes an introduction to XAML, a dictionary, resources and more.
Wikipedia Entry for XAML (Extensible Application M
Wikipedia entry for XAML (Extensible Application Markup Language)—the XML-based markup language for the Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) in WinFX that is used to describe rich graphical user interfaces. Wiki includes an introduction to XAML, a simple code example and links to several XAML resources.

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