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.NET 3.5 Resource Center

.NET 3.5 CardSpace
The Next Generation of Visual Studio (Orcas)
"In and Out of Orcas," by Kathleen Richards. Discusses the next generation of Visual Studio (also called Orcas), the ADO.NET Entity Framework, the feedback loop, LINQ, Visual Studio Professional and Visual Studio Team System (VSTS), WPF, WCF, Windows Workflow Foundation, Windows CardSpace, web services, multi-targeting (using one version of an IDE to target miltiple .NET platform releases), the Expression Blend, and what developers can expect in future releases.
WCF Unleashed
Windows Communications Foundation Unleashed, by Craig McMurtry, Marc Mercuri, Nigel Watling, and Matt Winkler (March 2007). Discusses partial types, generics, nullable value types, the lightweight transaction manager, the service model, data representation, exception handling, reliable sessions, session management, queued delivery, transactions, activities, workflow models, workflow hosting, rules engine, consuming services, security, Windows CardSpace, information cards, identity metasystems, securing applications with information cards, advanced security, legacy integration, interoperability, custom behaviors, custom channels, custom transports, publish/subscribe systems, peer communication, representational state transfer and plain XML services, manageability, versioning, and guidance.
Programming .NET 3.5
Programming .NET 3.5, by Jesse Liberty and Alex Horovitz (February 2008). Discusses the common threads in the .NET 3.0 technologies, how the principal technologies can be used together, how to build powerful web services, how to implement workflow projects, concepts of XAML, a markup language for UI; Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), a presentation framework; Windows Communication Foundation (WCF), for applications communication; the Workflow Foundation (WF) , a framework for defining, executing and managing workflow, and CardSpace, a framework for managing the identities of your users.

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