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.NET 3.5 Resource Center

LINQ Samples
101 LINQ Samples from the Microsoft Developers Network. Topics include restriction operators, grouping operators, aggregate operator, projection operators, set operators, conversion operators, partitioning operators, element operators, ordering operators, general operators, qualifiers, custom sequence operators, miscellaneous operators, and query execution.
The LINQ FAQ. Topics include Beta 2 to RTM changes in the Attach behavior, XML default mapping, creating a provider, updating the data of a grid, LINQ to SQL, converting ISingleResult to List, string localization and more. In addition the five most viewed answers are listed.
Wiki: Hooked on LINQ
"Hooked on LINQ," is a LINQ developers wiki. Information includes an explanation of what LINQ is, main launching points, news, updates, the Index For Objects (an open source LINQ project), articles, examples and overviews.
Understanding LINQ
"Understanding LINQ (C#)," by Amro Khasawneh. Discusses what LINQ is, features including automatic properties, local variable type inference, obect initializers, collection initializers, anonymous types, lambda expressions, extension methods, and query syntax; and resources.
Introducing LINQ – Part 1
Tutorisl: "Introducing LINQ – Part 1," by Granville Barnett. Discusses Language Integrated Query (LINQ), in-memory collections, selecting all the items in a generic list collection, standard query operators, and lambda expressions.
The LINQ Project
The LINQ Project page from the Microsoft Developer Network. Explains what LINQ is, and discusses LINQ and functional programming, LINQ to XML, an overview of the LINQ Project, the MSDN Library LINQ jump page, a LINQ to SQL overview for C# and VB developers, standard query operations, entities, the SQL designer, a LINQ to XML overview, LINQ to XML in VB, LINQ over DataSet for C# developers, and LINQ over DataSet for VB developers. Additional links are provided to LINQ bloggers, videos and downloads.
On the Horizon for ASP.NET and Beyond
Tutorial: "On the Horizon for ASP.NET and Beyond," by Granville Barnett. Discusses .NET 3.5, LINQ, Silverlight 1.0, features of ASP.NET, data access, the LinqDataSource, the LINQ to SQL classes designer, hooking the LinqDataSource up with the DataContext, using the LinqDataSource with a GridView, defining the data, registering Microsoft.Web.Preview, the media control, the ListView, and the DataPager control.
.NET 3.5 and Visual Studio 2008 Blog
The blog of Wallace B. McClure discusses .NET 3.5 and Visual Studio 2008, Visual Studio .NET 2008, LINQ (a three-part podcast), .NET Express, user groups, AJAX, ASP.NET, ADO.NET, asp.NET extensions, Atlas, ASP.NET code and more.

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