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.NET 3.5 Resource Center

.NET 3.5 Tutorials
Creating Your Own ListView Control
"Creating Your Own ListView Control," by Timothy Khouri. Discusses creating ITemplate properties, the TemplateContainer, the PersistenceMode.InnerPropety, reacting to a databind, making a DataKeyNames property, and remembering with ViewState.
Hosting the LoginService in .NET 3.5
Alex Thissen Weblog "Hosting the LoginService in .NET 3.5," discusses the LoginService class, the ServiceContract attribute, hosting the service, creating a client, the Windows Communication Foundation (WCF), extensibility points, and static events.
TFS Event Handler in .NET 3.5
"TFS Event Handler in .NET 3.5 Part 1—The Architecture", by Martin Hinshelwood. Discusses the architecture, the application diagram, the logical Datacenter diagram, the development diagram, the system diagram, and implementation.

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