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Khronos Group—Consortium that Creates Open, Royalty Free APIs for Creating
SIGGRAPH 2006 being held in Boston July 30 through August 3 will have presentations from Khronos members on mobile games, media authoring and acceleration technologies. Presentations will be made at the Khronos booth and at company booths. Presentations include OpenKODE (an open mobile media development environment), OpenGL BOF, OpenGL ES BOF, and COLLADA BOF.
"The KHRONOS Projector"
Article: "The KHRONOS Projector: A Video Time-Warping Machine with a Tangible Deformable Screen," by Alvaro Cassinelli. Discusses what the projector is, how it works, installation and set up, technical considerations, light interaction, video content and experiments, time-lapse photography, video snapshots and examples, demo applets, and future works.
Khronos Group Home Page
The Khronos Group home page. Here you will find information on open standard APIs used for authoring and playback of dynamic media.

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