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OpenGL Resource Center



OpenGL Resources
The OpenGL Programming Guide
The OpenGL Programming Guide covers how to obtain sample code, style conventions, an introduction to OpenGL, command syntax, OpenGL as a state machine, OpenGL-related libraries, animation, points, lines, polygons, a camera analogy, viewing transformation, modeling transformation, transformation commands, viewport transformation, troubleshooting transformations, matrix stacks, clipping planes, display lists, creating and executing a display list, hierarchical display lists, managing display lists, executing multiple display lists, encapsulating mode changes, color, lighting, real world and OpenGL lighting, creating light sources, defining material properties, mathematics of lighting, color-index mode, blending, antialiasing, fog, drawing pixels, bitmaps, fonts, images, texture mapping, buffers, depth of field, evaluators, NURBS, the GLUNURBS interface, selection, and feedback. Appendices cover order of operations, OpenGL state variables, the OpenGL utility library, the OpenGL extension to the X Window system, theOpenGL programming guide auxiliary library, calculating normal vectors, homogeneous coordinates and transformation matrices, programming tips, OpenGL correctness tips, performance tips, and OpenGL invariance.
OpenGL Specifications and Documentation Links's links to the OpenGL specifications documentation, GLUT specifications, GLX and GLU specifications, FTP downloads of manual pages for GLX and GLU, OpenGL character renderer and OpenGL stream codec libraries, and the Mesa 3-D graphics library.
Apple Developer Connection
Visit the Apple Developer Connection where you can locate information on using OpenGL on the Apple Macintosh.
OpenGL Community
The OpenGL community includes information about who to contact at the OpenGL organization, consumer message boards, developer message boards, newsgroups and email lists, job classifieds, and how to advertise on the OpenGL site.
OpenGL Coding Resource
The OpenGL coding resource supplies you with links to FAQs, featured articles, tips, tutorials, code samples, GLUT utility library, programming language bindings, third-party developer software, performance benchmarks; OpenGL for embedded systems, cell phones, and gaming platforms, and the Open GL media library.
OpenGL API Documentation
The OpenGL API documentation overview. Links include the OpenGL Reference Manual (release 1 and version 1.4) , and the OpenGL Programming Guide (release 1.1 and version 2). The documentation includes information on what’s new in OpenGL,  the OpenGL Shading language, OpenGL extensions, OS/Platform implementations, and OpenGL books.
OpenGL Logo Information
Information on using the OpenGL logo and how to apply for usage.
OpenGL Products
The OpenGL products page is arranged by platform (including Windows, Mac OS, UNIX/Linux, Java, and RTOS/embedded systems). You can select a platform and see all products listed or do a search for a specific topic. When you select a platform, a chart containing information for each product is displayed. You can see what each product is, get details, ratings and reviews, and see what category the product is for (i.e., games, screen saver, CAD, content creation, etc.).
OpenGL Registry
The OpenGL extension registry includes links to extension header files, documentation files, OpenGL Architecture Review Board (ARB) extensions by number, and unnumbered extensions.
About OpenGL
Learn about the OpenGL organization. Topics include what OpenGL is, developer-driven advantages (including industry standard, stable, reliable, portable, evolving, scalable, ease of use, and well documented),  the OpenGL visualization programming pipeline, simplifies software development, speeds time to market, available everywhere, extensions, API hierarchy, foundation for advanced APIs (including links to Open Inventor and cross-platform interface, IRIS Performer to leverage OpenGL functionality, OpenGL Optimizer a real-time interaction toolkit, OpenGL Volumizer a high-level immediate mode volume rendering API, and OpenGL Shader interface that supports visual effects, bump mapping, textures, environment maps, shading and effects), governance, continued innovation, licensing, and OpenGL applications and games.
The home page for Here you will find message boards listing the most recent news topics, recent job listings, RSS feeds, OpenGL headlines news articles, featured books, user polls, Khronos APIs recent news, and news highlights for the previous month. Includes links to information about the organization, documentation, coding resources, products, community, and search. 

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Update :: November 15, 2019