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OpenGL Resource Center



OpenGL Sample Chapters
"Geometry Representation and Modeling"
Sample chapter: "Geometry Representation and Modeling" from Advanced Graphics Programming Using OpenGL, February 2005, by Tom McReynolds and David Blythe. Discusses polygonal representation, decomposition and tessellation.
"Drawing in Space"
Sample chapter: "Drawing in Space: Geometric Primitives and Buffers" from OpenGL SuperBible, Third Edition, June 2004, by Richard S. Wright and Benjamin Lipchak. Discusses drawing pointers in 3-D, setting up a 3-D canvas, a 3-D point (the vertex), draw something, drawing points, setting the point size, OpenGL state variables, drawing lines in 3-D, drawing triangles in 3-D, building solid objects, other primitives, and other buffer tricks.
"The Exploration Begins: OpenGL and DirectX"
Sample chapter: "The Exploration Begins: OpenGL and DirectX" from OpenGL Game Programming, May 2002, by Kevin Hawkins and Dave Astle. Discusses why make games, the world of 3-D games, the elements of a game, your tools, and what is OpenGL.
"Simple Shading Example"
Sample chapter: "Simple Shading Example" from OpenGL® Shading Language, Second Edition, January 2006, by Randi J. Rost. Discusses brick shader overview, vertex shader, fragment shader, and observations.
"Drawing Primitives in OpenGL"
Sample chapter: "Drawing Primitives in OpenGL" from OpenGL® Distilled, February 2006, by Paul Martz. Discusses OpenGL primitives, primitive types, vertex sharing, specifying vertex data, drawing primitives using glBegin()/glEnd(), drawing primitives using vertex arrays, buffer objects, vertex array data, without buffer objects, with buffer objects, vertex array rendering commands, using glDrawElement(), using glMultiDrawElements(), vertex arrays example code, drawing with vertex arrays and buffer objects, drawing details, clearing the framebuffer, modeling transformations, smooth and flat shading, polygon mode, the depth test, co-planar primitives, alpha and transparency, blending, alpha test, performance issues, display lists, face culling, and vertex array size.
"The Exploration Begin . . . Again"
Sample chapter: "The Exploration Begin . . . Again" from Beginning OpenGL Game Programming, March 2004, by Dave Astle and Kevin Hawkins. Discusses why make games, the world of 3-D games, the elements of a game. and what is OpenGL.
"Texture Mapping"
Sample chapter: "Texture Mapping" from The OpenGL Programming Guide: The Official Guide to Learning OpenGL Version 2, August 2005, by OpenGL Architecture Review Board, Dave Shreiner, Mason Woo, Jackie Neider, and Tom Davis. Discusses steps in texture mapping, a sample program, specifying texture, texture proxy, replacing all or part of a texture image, one-dimensional textures, three-dimensional textures, pixel-storage modes for three-dimensional textures, compressed texture images, compressing a texture image while loading, loading compressed texture images, using a texture's borders, mipmaps (multiple levels of texture), calculating the mipmap level, mipmap level of detail control, automated mipmap generation, filtering, texture objects, naming a texture object, creating and using texture objects, cleaning up texture objects, a working set of resident textures, texture residence strategies, texture functions, assigning texture coordinates, computing appropriate texture coordinates, repeating and clamping textures, automatic texture-coordinate generation, creating contours, sphere map, cube map textures, multitexturing, steps in multitexturing, establishing texture units, specifying vertices and their texture coordinates, other methods of texture-coordinate specification, reverting to a single texture unit, texture combiner functions, the interpolation combiner function, applying secondary color after texturing, the textured matric stack, depth textures, creating a shadow map, and generating texture coordinates and rendering.

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