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OpenGL Resource Center



OpenGL Training Courses
OpenGL Programming
OpenGL Programming presented by SGI. Topics covered in this course include creating windows, rendering primitives, basic transformations, 3-D viewing and modeling, depth buffering and hidden surface removal, animation, input and Window events, alpha blending, antialiasing, text, lighting, display lists, and basic texture mapping.
Advanced Graphics Programming Techniques
Advanced Graphics Programming Techniques Using OpenGL, by TomMcReynolds and and David Blythe. Covers visual simulations, tiling large textures, anisotropic texturing, billboarding, light points, adding realism, object realism, bump mapping with textures, shadows, reflections and refractions, transparency, image processing, image warping with textures, accumulation buffer, antialiasing with the accumulation buffer, texture synthesis, procedural texturing, CAD, scientific visualization, graphics special effects; simulating smoke, water, clouds, fire and fog.
OpenGL Bootcamp
The OpenGL Bootcamp is a 5-day course, presented by the Big Nerd Ranch, covering an introduction to OpenGL, a simple OpenGL application, rendering, animation, the OpenGL architecture, OpenGL on the Mac, model transformations, hidden surface removal, loading and displaying of textures, OpenGL color mode, lighting, blending, optimization of OpenGL, user interaction, masking, font strategies, optimization tips, vertex programs, fragment programming, and shaders.

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Update :: November 15, 2019