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OpenGL Resource Center



OpenGL Tutorials
"OpenGL Win32 Tutorial"
Tutorial: "OpenGL Win32 Tutorial" from Discusses header files, linking, device context, pixel format, double buffer, render context, C style, C++ style, hazards of creation and destruction, and the hazards of creation and destruction.
"Basic OpenGL Lighting"
Tutorial: "Basic OpenGL Lighting" by Steve Baker. Discusses lighting enabled or disabled, glMaterial, glLight, glColorMaterial, light sources, glNormal, good settings, and using alpha with lighting enabled.
"The OpenGL Utility Toolkit (GLUT)"
Tutorial: "The OpenGL Utility Toolkit (GLUT) Programming Interface: API Version 3," by Mark. J. Kilgard. Discusses initialization, beginning event processing, window management, overlay management, menu management, callback registration, color index color map management, state retrieval, font rendering, geometric object rendering, usage advice, FORTRAN binding, and implementation issues. Appendices cover GLUT state, the glut.h ANSI C header file, and fglut.h FORTRAN header file.
Tutorial: "OpenGL" discusses a simple example, the event loop, OpenGL command syntax, OpenGL primitives, changing the state, drawing in three dimensions, viewing and modeling transformations, viewpoint transformation, perspective projection, orthographic projection, display lists, animation, and lighting. Appendices cover typical OpenGL program organization, OpenGL order of operation, library documentation, and OpenGL Man pages.

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Update :: November 17, 2019