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OpenSocial Resource Center
OpenSocial OpenID
OpenID Site
The OpenID site. Discusses what OpenID is, where it can be used, and how to get an OpenID. Additional links are provided for developer information, discussion groups, the latest OpenID News, and information about the OpenID Foundation.
OpenID Definition
OpenID definition from Wikipedia. Discusses what OpenID is, its history, using OpenID (logging-in and identifiers), adoption, the OpenID Foundation (people and legal issues), and additional resources and references.
OpenID Sign-Up
OpenID sign-up site. Links include information on getting an account, learning about OpenID, help, sending feedback, the OpenID blog, learning about sites that support OpenID, and becoming a MyOpenID affiliate.
OpenID Directory
The OpenID Directory. A complete list of sites that are OpenID enabled. Currently there are 125 affiliate sites, including FeedHub, 37signals, AboutUs, Plaxo, Wikispaces, Technorati, Wikitravel, and more.

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Update :: November 15, 2019