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OpenSocial Resource Sites
Google Developing 'OpenSocial'
Article: "Google Developing 'OpenSocial'," by Mae Kowalke. Discusses Google's teaming with Plaxo, Friendster, Ning, hi5 and Linkedin; OpenSocial (new set of standards); Orkut (Google's new social network); and the OpenSocial project (for developing open source software for free distribution).
Open Social: Screencast and Screenshots
Blog: "Open Social: Screencast and Screenshots," by Marc Andressen (from Ning). Discusses Open Social in action using screen shots and screencasts, the Ning social network system, the use of the Open Social API, embedding applications using Open Social, the storage API, canvas pages, and social functionality.
Social Network Websites
Research paper: “Social Network Websites: Best Practices from Leading Services,” from Fabernovel Consulting. Discusses frequency of visitation to social networks worldwide, network characteristics, managing social networks, social network structure, network growth, platforms, types of networks, how users manage their identities, and the four types of networks (online communities, business networks, online matchmaking, and alumni networks). Presents case studies of online matchmaking websites, and business network websites.
13 Power User Tips for OpenSocial Developers
Article: “13 Power User Tips for OpenSocial Developers,” from Newsvine. Discusses what OpenSocial is, the Orkut sandbox, using bookmarking, catching up on the latest news, watching videos, building a team, reviewing the OpenSocial API documentation, reading the OpenSocial FAQs, getting to know the best design practices, building a mock-up, and getting feedback.
Google's Social Design Best Practices
Article: "Google's Social Design Best Practices," by Joshua Porter. Discusses best practices for Google's OpenSocial initiative including quick engagement, mimic look-and-feel, enable self expression, make it dynamic, show what others are doing, browsing, commenting features, building communities and solve real-world tasks.
Opening the Social Graph
Article: “We Are Opening the Social Graph,” from Six Apart. Discusses what the social graph is, Six Apart’s policy regarding your social graph, OpenID (for signing up and signing in), how OpenID works, a new social networking service, managing a network, describing relationships, finding friends, the power of knowledge, and the need for open conversation.
Google OpenSocial Resources
Google OpenSocial resources. Resources include code, blogs, documentation, articles, APIs, FAQ, interviews, OpenSocial container sample, OpenSocial API blog, best practices blog, example applications, persistence data API developers guide, hosting social applications, tutorials, and more.
Google Gadgets Go Into the Wild
Article: “Google Gadgets Go Into the Wild,” by Susan Kuchinskas. Discusses the OpenSocial project, running applications on a OpenSocial-enabled website, the social graph concept, the container, JavaScript, application development, Orkut (Google’s social networking site), and Google Gadget Ads. ("Into the wild" refers to user applications and reviews.)
Thank You Google for Open Social
Article: "Thank You Google for OpenSocial (Or, Why OpenSocial Really Matters)," by Alex Iskold. Discusses why open social is important, what "commoditization" is, an historical look at Java-based application servers, what open social is, the widget/application API, the friends API, the activity API, the impact on developers, commoditization of social networks effect on Facebook, and where open social is headed.

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