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PHP Resource Center

PHP Resource Sites
XML-RPC Library
Library implementing XML-RPC in PHP. Includes documentation, an XML-RPC debugger, mailing lists and security information.
ADOdb Database Abstraction Library for PHP
Learn about the ADOdb abstraction layer at the ADOdb Database Abstraction Library for PHP site. ADOdb Currently supports numerous databases including MySQL, Informix, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Foxpro, Access, ADO, Sybase, FrontBase, DB2, SAP DB, ODBC, ODBTP and others. It is one of the fastest open source database abstraction libraries for PHP, supports date and type-handling and portable schema creation, database backed sessions, SQL code generation and more.
PHP Extensions Directory
Directory of all known PHP extensions. Also includes a bug tracking system and support center with links to tutorials and mailing lists.
PHP Meetup
Find a PHP Meetup in your area to connect with local PHP developers, share ideas and projects and network.
PHP and MySQL Community Help Site
PHP and MySQL community help site—includes articles, tutorials, FAQ, a code library, support groups, blogs and more.
PHP Bugs
Report a bug in PHP or search the database for documented bugs.
PHP-GTK Extension
Download the PHP-GTK extension—an object-oriented interface to GTK+ that makes writing client-side, cross-platform GUI applications easier. Includes documentation, FAQ, news, applications and resources.
PHP Editors
Find PHP editors, news, tutorials, forums, tools, games, documentation, job postings, contests and more.
Hardend-PHP Project
Hardend-PHP Project locates security holes in PHP applications and Web pages. Download the Hardening Patch to protect your servers from known problems in PHP applications.
The PHP Security Consortium (PHPSC)
The PHP Security Consortium (PHPSC) promotes secure programming practices in PHP. The site includes articles, documentation, tools, standards information and projects.
Extensive PHP FAQ with answers from the community to hundreds of questions. Register at the site to ask or answer PHP questions.
PHP Wiki
Wikipedia definition and description of PHP.
PHP Architect Magazine
PHP Architect magazine. Includes links to PHP Webcasts, podcasts, news, forums and more.
PHP Resource Index
Includes links to code downloads, tutorials, articles, FAQs, programming tips, community chat rooms, PHP job listings, tools, mailing lists, developer sites, bulletin boards, user groups and more.
Codewalkers PHP and SQL Resources
Codewalkers PHP and SQL resources.  Find forums discussing coding, installation, applications, programming theory, support, tutorials and more.  Sample code in several categories.  Includes book, software, development and tool reviews.
PHP Developement Scripts and Tutorials
Find top PHP development scripts and tutorials, listed by popularity or name.  PHP script categories include blogs, calculators, calendars, database-related, development, form processing, installation, security and more.
PHP Tutorials
Find PHP tutorials for all levels on 40 topics, freeware scripts in several areas, code snippets on topics such as MySQL class, object-oriented form validation and more, as well as discussion boards.
Site dedicated to development of web and no-web software in PHP.  Find PHP development articles, code snippets, documentation and other resources.  Get latest news and articles through phpRiot() RSS feeds.
PHP Information
Find PHP help, programming, code and tutorials in more than 300 articles.  Articles cover topics of debugging, performance, PHP email application, creating a discussion forum and more.
PHP and MySQL Information
PHP and MySQL code examples, tutorials, classes, forums and other web development articles.  Search for code, examples and articles.  Download free samples chapters, find information on PHP classes, PHP, MySQL manuals and more.
Find PHP related books, magazine articles, online communities, scripts and programs, tips, tutorials and more.  Over 10,000 scripts and programs and 1,000 tips and tutorials in multiple categories.
Practical PHP Programming
Practical PHP Programming wiki covering variables and operations, functions, arrays, HTML forms, databases, cookies, sessions, XML, output buffering, networks, security, extensions, PHP uses and more.
Zend PHP 5 InfoCenter
Zend PHP 5 InfoCenter.  Take a tour of PHP 5, learn what’s new, find information for beginners, learn the core basics, find in-depth articles from the developers and view the PHP 5 forum.
PHP Manual
PHP Manual from the PHP Documentation Group.  Contents include installation, configuration and migration, language reference, security, features, functions and frequently asked questions.
Zend Framework Developer Zone
Zend Framework Developer Zone, providing PHP articles, tutorials, news, events, manuals and forums.  Categories include PHP101, Interviews, Book Reviews, IBM, Jobs and Zend Framework.
Oracle’s PHP Developer Center
Oracle’s PHP Developer Center.  Information on working with PHP and Oracle, installation guides, cookbook recipes, sample book chapters and more.
PHPit offers an RSS news feed to PHP articles.  Some code snippets are available.  Includes blog entries with code samples, a PHP web forum and FAQ.
PHP Reading Recommendations
Introductory level recommended PHP reading list.  Topics include deployment and environment, debugging, integration, migration and security.  Includes mailing lists, blogs, news, webcasts and magazines.
PHP Builder
PHP Builder includes community support and discussion forums, articles, a shared code library, whitepapers, downloads and more.
The PHP Web site contains PHP news and announcements, conference information, links to user groups, downloads, documentation, a FAQ and more.

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