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PHP Resource Center

PHP in the Blogosphere
PHP Everywhere Blog
PHP Everywhere blog includes numerous entries about PHP programming covering everything from compilers to databases and more, plus links to articles and other resources.
“PHP vs. Rails”
Blog entry entitled “PHP vs. Rails” discusses the threat of Ruby on Rails to PHP.
“Switching between Multiple PHP Versions..."
Blog entry entitled, “Switching between Multiple PHP Versions Using Apache on Windows,” walks you step-by-step through the set up of a dev box to test Web applications against different versions of PHP.
“Installing Apache2 with PHP5.x”
Blog entry entitled, “Installing Apache2 with PHP5.x” provides step-by-step instructions.
PHP Installation Tips!1p2pEqx-MdcDtr92-Z1Jl5HA!368.entry
Tips for installing PHP on Windows.
“Debate—.NET V. PHP: Top 10 .NET Myths Exposed”
Blog entry entitled “Debate—.NET V. PHP: Top 10 .NET Myths Exposed” addresses the question “Does .NET mean the end for PHP?”
PHP Blog Entry with Tutorial
Blog entry includes a short tutorial showing you how to use “PHP includes” to update the navigation across multiple Web pages.
PHP Blog
Check out this blogger’s PHP applications (source code is included) and recommended PHP resources.
Chris Shiflett Blog
Chris Shiflett (author of Essential PHP Security and HTTP Developer’s handbook) "PHP and Web Application Security" blog.  Find articles about security, vulnerability and PHP.  Find links to related blogs.
PHP Developer Blog
PHP Developer blog.  Find links to PHP Developer news, book reviews, sample code and more.
Andi Gutman Blog
Andi Gutman (co-founder of Zend Technologies and architect of the Zend Engine) blog.  Find articles about the Zend Framework, PHP 5 and other topics.
Ilia Alshanetsky Blog
Ilia Alshanetsky (PHP speaker, book and article author) blog.  Blog categories include PHP, publications, security and more.  Find links to projects, talks, publications and other information about Ilia Alshanetsky.
Professional PHP Blog
Professional PHP blog containing entries on PHP programming, web development, advocacy and best practices.  Articles include "OOP is Mature, not Dead," "PHP as a Deployment Platform" and provide source code.
PHP Blog
PHP blog and news site.  Find articles and links to many other PHP related blogs.
PHP Community’s Journal
The PHP Community’s Journal with source code and more.  Topics include functions, variables, forms, database access, file management and objects.
PHP Magazine
Online PHP magazine offering news, conference information and forums.  RSS news feed is also available with articles discussing PHP common mistakes, object-oriented PHP, bridge classes and more.
Vexxhost Blog
Vexxhost blog with articles such as "Top 5 new (and cool!) features in PHP5 that you probably haven’t heard of," "Secure programming habits in PHP" and "Handling PHP Errors Your Way."
Stoyan Stefanov’s PHP Blog
Stoyan Stefanov’s PHP blog, including sample code.  Articles include "Using PEAR and AWS to Keep an Eye on Amazon" and "MySQL Events."  Article categories consist of PHP, PHP Certification, PHPBB and more.

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