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Perl Resource Center

    Pugs (Implementation of Perl 6)
    Pugs Wiki
    Pugs entry on Wikipedia. Discusses the development of Pugs and its compatibility with Perl 5.
    Pugs Hacking
    How to hack on Pugs.
    "Pugs: A Perl Implementation in Haskell"
    Article: "Pugs: A Perl Implementation in Haskell."
    Pugs Journal
    Autrijus Tang’s Pugs journal.
    Pugs Project Overview
    Overview of the Pugs project.
    Pugs Q&A
    Question and answer session about Pugs.
    "Pugs: Perl 6 interpreter in Haskell"
    Blog entry: "Pugs: Perl 6 interpreter in Haskell" includes discussion and code example.
    Pugs 6.2.10
    Document describes Pugs 6.2.10.
    "Perl 6—Pugs"
    Blog entry: "Perl 6—Pugs"
    Pugs Blog
    Audrey Tang’s Pugs blog.
    Code Examples
    Pugs code examples.
    Download Pugs
    Download the latest version of Pugs.
    Pugs is an implementation of Perl 6 written by Autrijus Tang.

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    Update :: January 17, 2020