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Programming Projects Resource Center


Java Programming Projects
Java Project Ideas
Includes seven student Java programming project ideas. Projects ideas include merging XML databases, parallel applications using MPI, a logic circuit builder, an email harvester, a JACAW (Java-C Automatic Wrapper) test suite, Java MPI binding using JACAW, and a web interface for JACAW.
Java Calculator Projects
Java calculator projects. Include source code.
Java Project Suggestion
Project for writing a replacement for the javadoc utility.
Java Labs by Bruce Kahn
Five Java labs by Bruce Kahn. The labs are based on a shapes example in the BlueJ example projects.
Java Programming Exercises
Numerous Java programming exercises from the self test center at the Department of Computing at the University of Central England, Birmingham, UK. Contains exercises descriptions covering Java topics including applets, button events, radio buttons, layout controllers, BlueJ and more.
"Zork 1" Project Example
The Zork 1 text-based adventure game by Michael Kölling. This project includes source code and handouts.
Java GUI Project
Java GUI project.
Java Programming Projects
Java Programming Projects, December 1999, by CEP, Inc. Contains more than fifty project suggestions and eleven critical thinking projects.
Articles with Project Suggestions
Articles with project suggestions.
Projects Assigned by Virginia Tech
Computer programming projects assigned by Virginia Tech.
University of Central Florida Project Suggestions
Eight Java projects suggested by Dr. Dava Pratt for his course at University of Central Florida.
Millersville University Student Projects
An assortment of Java projects that have been done by students at Millersville University. A description of each project is given and you can demo the program to see how it works.
Java Project Suggestions
Eight Java project suggestions and descriptions developed by Mark Austin for the University of Maryland.
Java Projects
Students can try out these 10 Java projects then attempt to do them for themselves.
Java Project Message Board
Students needing suggestions for a Java project can post an inquiry and receive suggestions from other members.
Java Project Ideas
List of ideas for student Java projects. Click on a topic to find a brief description and some sample code to get you started. The list was composed by a professional programmer.
Java Programming Projects, December 1999, by CEP, Inc. This workbook includes numerous Java programming projects, exercises and more.

Wicked Cool Java: Code Bits, Open-Source Libraries, and Project Ideas, November 2005, by Brian D. Eubanks. Project ideas include using Java to control a LEGO robot, controlling the mouse with the AWT robot class and picking dates using JCalendar.

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