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Programming Projects Resource Center


Programming Projects
Programming Projects Repository
This programming projects repository includes suggested programming projects for various subjects including math, physics, ecology, games, music and more.
Freshmeat is an open source projects site where users can post their open-source tools, projects, etc. Check out some of the projects for ideas or help contribute to the projects by connecting with other developers.
Programming Projects Forum Discussion
Check out this thread from a developer forum that discusses ideas for programming projects.
Harvey Mudd College Student Projects
Find three student programming projects from the department of computer science at Harvey Mudd College. Projects include algorithms for message routing in optical networks, garbage collection, and algorithms for music understanding. Each project includes a description and the required programming background to complete the project.
Student Project Descriptions
Includes descriptions for eight student programming projects, developed by Prudence Wong. Projects include a study of bin packing algorithms, power awared job scheduling of processor, animation of algorithms, student projects allocation, sports events management system, job scheduling, machine load balancing problem, and a web based whole genome alignment platform.
Suggested Student Projects
Suggested student computing projects and descriptions for all of the major computer languages.
Digital Business Project Tips
Helpful suggestions and guidelines for students doing a digital business project.
Student Programming Projects
Check out student programming projects and examine and download the source code. You can also submit your project to the site.
Columbia University Suggested Projects
Includes several suggested student programming projects for computer science majors (undergraduate, masters and PhD. students) from the Network Security Lab at Columbia University. Each includes a project description and requirements. Projects include an SOS system, peer to peer systems' resilience, network worm vaccine architecture, automatic versioning system, mobile secure file system, P2P intrusion detection system, survivable JVM, anonymity system and more.
TRDDC 2006/2007 Student Projects
The 2006/2007 list of student projects from the Tata Research Development and Design Centre (TRDDC). Includes sixteen project descriptions.
University of Bristol Student Projects
Student projects in design automation and verification from the University of Bristol.
Dublin City University Project Abstracts
Find abstracts for several suggested undergraduate and graduate-level programming projects from John Murphy of Dublin City University. Projects include an instant messenger application, event system for wireless devices, generic messaging capture and GUI development, proxy servers for online video libraries and more.
Columbia University Project Suggestions
Over 30 suggested programming projects from the computer science department at Columbia University. Projects include a resource list server, watcher filtering, a reputation system, spam analysis, implementing a peer-to-peer network, Skype analysis, virtual worlds, RFID, and audio library for Linux and more.
Undergraduate Project Suggestions
Check out this list of 12 suggested programming projects for undergraduate computer science majors.
Programming Project Ideas
Ideas for individual and group programming projects.
Institute of System Software Projects
Over 20 programming projects abstracts from the Institute of System Software.

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