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Programming Projects Resource Center


Visual Basic Programming Projects
Cornell Masters of Engineering Student Projects
Real-world programming projects designed by corporations for the Cornell University Masters of Engineering students.
Visual Basic .NET Projects for the Classroom
eBook: Visual Basic .NET Projects for the Classroom, by Alfred C. Thompson II. Contains 18 Visual Basic .NET projects. Each includes skill level, skills needed, instructor notes and sample outputs. Examples include a thermometer, dice display, guessing game, simple house drawing, spaceship invaders, tic tac toe, picture display, palindromes, checkers and more. (For the Visual Basic 6 version of this eBook, visit
Free Database Projects
Free database projects that students can study and modify to include in their own projects. Programs include a data access object (DAO), an ActiveX data object (ADO), data bound controls, relational database design; adding, editing and deleting records, and graphics printing.
Visual Basic Sample Projects
Download, run and modify these Visual Basic sample projects for students. Programs include a stopwatch, loan calculator, gas mileage, biorhythms, memory game, and a slot machine.
Visual Basic Program Downloads
Free download of three Visual Basic programs for databases. These programs an be modified to use in your own projects.
Student Project Ideas
Over 400 student programming project ideas with abstracts describing the project features and functionality.

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