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Python Resource Center
Sample Chapters
What is Agile Development?
Sample chapter: “What is Agile Development?” from Foundations of Agile Python Development, by Jeff Younker (June 2008). Discusses why more methodologies?, a history of agile programming, planning and agile development, what agile methods are and pair programming.
Sample chapter: “Text,” from Python Cookbook, by Alex Martelli (March 2005). Discusses what text is, basic textural operations, sources of text and string basics.
Instant Hacking: The Basics
Sample chapter: “Instant Hacking: The Basics,” from Beginning Python: From Novice to Professional, by Magnus Lie Hetland (September 2005). Discusses installing Python, Linux and UNIX, Linux with RPM, compiling from sources and other distributions.
Python: Conventions
Sample chapter: “Conventions,” from Python Pocket Reference, by Mark Lutz (February 2005). Discusses command-line options, Python options, program specification, environment variables, built-in types and operators, operators and precedence and operations by category.

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