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REST Web Services Resource Center
REST Web Services Books
Ajax and REST Recipes
Ajax and REST Recipes: A Problem-Solution Approach, by Christian Gross (December 2006). Discusses the definition and philosophy of Ajax, definition and philosophy of web services and SOA, definition and philosophy of REST, the easiest way to get started with Ajax and REST, implementing and Ajax and REST application using test-driven development techniques, JavaScript recipes, dynamic content recipes, implementing an SOA architecture, implementing a universal web service architecture, implementing web services for large or slow data sets, implementing an Ajax shopping cart, Ajaxing forms.
Practical REST on Rails 2 Projects
Practical REST on Rails 2 Projects, by Ben Scofield (June 2008). Discusses developing REST web services in the Rails 2 framework, building from the server-side perspective and integration with PHP, building from the client side using a JavaScript widget, developing a RESTful application on Rails for the Apple iPhone, creating a Facebook application using REST on Rails and examine REST on Rails for the enterprise.
RESTful Web Services
RESTful Web Services, by Leonard Richardson, Sam Ruby and David Heinemeier Hansson (May 2007). Discusses the programmable web and its inhabitants, writing web service clients, what makes RESTful services different, the resource-oriented architecture, designing read-only resource-oriented services, designing read/write resource-oriented services, a service implementation, REST and ROA (resource-oriented architecture) best practices, building blocks of service, the resource-oriented architecture vs. big web services, Ajax applications as REST clients, and frameworks for RESTful services. Appendices cover some resources for REST and some RESTful resources.

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