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REST Web Services Resource Center
REST Web Services Fielding Doctoral Dissertation
Representational State Transfer (REST)
Article: "Representational State Transfer (REST)," from Architectural Styles and the Design of network-Based Software Architectures, Doctoral Dissertation, by Roy Thomas Fielding. Discusses deriving REST, starting with the null style, client-server, stateless, cache, uniform interface, layered system, code-on-demand-style derivation summary, REST architectural elements, data elements, resources and resource identifiers, representations, connectors, components, REST architectural views, process view, connector view, and data view.
Roy Thomas Fielding
Roy Thomas Fielding entry on Wikipedia. Discusses the HTTP Specification (RFC 2616), computer network architectures, REST, the World Wide Web, HTML, URIs and the Appache HTTP Server project. Links are provided to Fielding’s website and to his dissertation.
QuickStudy: Representational State Transfer (REST)
Article: “QuickStudy: Representational State Transfer (REST),” by Russell Kay. Discusses the history of REST, Roy Thomas Fielding, the basics of REST, data elements, components, connectors, stateless interaction, and why use REST.

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