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REST Web Services Resource Center
REST Web Services REST vs. SOAP
REST—Representational State Transfer
Article: “REST—Representational State Transfer,” by Michael Przybilski. Discusses what REST is, the basic constraints including identification of resources using URIs, manipulation using representations, self-descriptive messages, and hypermedia; analysis, and SOAP vs. REST.
REST vs. SOAP Web Services
Article: "REST vs SOAP Web Services," by Pete Freitag. Discusses what a REST web service is, who's using REST, who's using SOAP, and REST vs. SOAP.
Roots of the REST/SOAP Debate
Article: "Roots of the REST/SOAP Debate," by Paul Prescod. Discusses understanding the problems, brave new protocols, the custom protocols approach, the framework approach, the horizontal protocol approach, abandoning intuition, role of REST, perceived limitations of SOAP, web services and web architecture, SOAP and XML technologies, SOAP and web middleware, prescriptive vs. descriptive, perceived limitations of HTTP, peering into the crystal ball, can SOAP win?, can the single protocol approach win? and can REST and SOAP coexist?
Basic SOA Using REST,295582,sid21_gci1256385,00.html
Sample chapter: "Basic SOA using REST," from SOA Using Java Web Services, by Mark Hansen (May 2007). Discusses what REST is, XML documents and Schema for EIS (Enterprise Information Systems) records, and RESTful web services vs. SOAP web services.
Getting REST and SOAP to Share Each Other’s Toys
Article: “Playing Together Nicely: Getting REST and SOAP to Share Each Other’s Toys,” by Jason R. Briggs. Discusses the REST resource definition, the code for the resource, SOAP interface #1: discovering the REST resources, SOAP interface #2: missing Schemas, SOAP interface #3: buzzword compliance, and running and testing the services.
A RESTful Approach to Web Services
Article: “A RESTful Approach to Web Services," by Robeert McMillan. Discusses the Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP), Representational State Transfer (REST), and REST at work.
RESTful Web Services
Slide presentation: “RESTful Web Services: An Introduction to Building Web Services,” by John Cowan. Discusses the uniform resource identifier (URI), web services, what a web service is, nouns, verbs, GET (fetch information), XML, HTML, what REST is, a definition of REST, the REST style, representation, state, transfer of state, REST and HTTP, other protocols, REST messages, multiple representations, hypertext, web-based applications, code on demand, simple tests of RESTfulness, caching, scaling, distributed systems, components, connectors, resource modeling, data elements, advantages of REST, key insights, reliability, asynchronous operations, transactions, B2B, resource state, session state, sessions, the purpose of statelessness, OOP on the web, RPC, REST and RPC, remote procedures, two views of POST, the SOAP way, posting a SOAP message, the advantages of SOAPless GET, web method specification, cookies, keeping a reference safe, tunneling, application protocols, and related architectures.
REST: Representational State Transfer
Sample chapter: "REST: Representational State Transfer," from O'Reilly Media. Discusses what REST is, the scientific definition, the practical definition, REST principles, aesthetics of URI (uniform resource identifiers) design, URI syntax, resource modeling, methods, the GET method, the POST method, the DELETE method, the PUT method, security, programming REST, REST primer, modeling resources, creating multiple representations, developing REST applications, working with POST, PUT and DELETE methods, implementing a purchase order service, disadvantages of using the POST method, tow disadvantages of the GET and PUT combination, choosing the implementation, implementing cover page service, documenting service API, what makes REST hard, and REST and SOAP.
REST and Web Services in WDSL 2.0
Article: "Enable REST with Web services, Part 1: REST and Web Services in WSDL 2.0," by Erab Chinthaka. Discusses what REST is, what SOAP is, REST vs. web services, how WSDL (Web Services Description Language) 2.0 enabled the marriage of REST and web services, WSDL 2.0 rules for HTTP binding, Internationalization Resource Identifier (IRI) style, defining HTTP binding in WSDL, and does WSDL 2.0 enable REST?
Security for REST and Web 2.0
Presentation: “Security for REST and Web 2.0,” by Richard Mooney fro XTech Conference May 15-18, 2007. Discusses what REST is, how REST is different from SOAP (in theory and practice), applying security to REST, security vulnerabilities of REST, how Amazon and Google approach REST security, reference architecture to protect both REST and SOAP, why XML firewalls are not enough and unified protection for REST and SOAP.
Security for REST Web Services
Presentation: "Security for REST Web Services," by Mark O'Neill presented at the RSA Conference 2006. Discusses what REST is, how REST is different from SOAP (in theory and practice), applying security to REST, security vulnerabilities in REST, how Amazon and Google approach REST security, reference architecture to protect both REST and SOAP, why XML firewalls are not enough, and unified protection for REST and SOAP.

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