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Regular Expressions Resource Center

Regular Expressions Blogs
The Joy of Regular Expressions
"The Joy of Regular Expressions," is the blog of Harry Fuecks. Topics include expression delimiters, literals, pattern modifiers, character classes, qualifiers, assertions, sub patterns and the backslash character.
The RegexAdvice topics include the RegexPal (a tool for web-based regex testing), mimicking conditions, sub-matches, the XRegExp (an extended JavaScript Regex constructor), removing style tags with its content, a Regex cheat sheet, protecting your regex from changes to source code, how to write a regex expression for date formats, unicode characters, and more.
Regular Expressions From Scratch
Eric Lippert's blog "Regular Expressions From Scratch." This 12-part blog covers terms and their definitions, mapping between regular expressions and regular languages, DFA (DXI Frame Address), NFA (Non-determistic Finite-state Automation), and more.

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