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Regular Expressions Resource Center

Regular Expressions In JavaScript
Regular Expressions in JavaScript
"Regular Expressions in JavaScript," by Kevin Yank. Discusses what regular expressions are, what regular expressions look like, JavaScript, basic syntax, using regular expressions in JavaScript, using match, using replace, and using search.
Regular Expressions and Validation
"Regular Expressions and Validation," from new earth Online. Discusses what regular expressions are, how to specify quantity in a pattern, pattern matching, using parentheses, basic matching, special characters, groups, using the backslash character, escape characters, anchors and string replacement, modifiers, validating datatypes, telephone numbers, dates, website URLs, email addresses, RegExp in languages (PHP and JavaScript).
Regular Expressions: The Complete Tutorial
Regular Expressions: The Complete Tutorial, by Jan Goyvaerts (March 2006). Discusses what grep is, PowerGREP, RegexBuddy, EditPad Pro, using regular expressions in Delphi, using regular expressions in Java, using regular expressions with JavaScript and ECMAScript, using regular expressions with the Microsoft .NET Framework, the PCRE open source Regex Library, Perl’s rich support for regular expressions, Python’s re module, using regular expressions with Ruby, VBScript’s regular expression support, how to use regular expressions in Visual Basic, basic syntax reference, advanced syntax reference, syntax reference for specific Regex flavors, and a Unicode syntax reference.
Regular Expressions: Introduction for JavaScript
Tutorial: "Regular Expressions: Introduction for JavaScript," from Discusses pattern matching and regular expressions, what you can do with regular expressions, how to use modifiers and matching operators, how to construct regular expressions, how to use backreferences, how to perform substitution commands, JavaScript regular expressions, how to define regular expressions, how to use regular expression methods, create a general feedback form, and how to provide a workaround for older browsers.

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