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Regular Expressions Resource Center

Regular Expressions In PHP
Mastering Regular Expressions
Mastering Regular Expressions, by Jeffrey Friedl (August 20060. Discuses solving real problems, regular expressions as a language, metacharacters, matching text with regular expressions, modifying text with regular expressions, regular expressions features, mechanics of expression processing, practical Regex techniques, crafting an efficient expression, Perl, Java, .NET, and PHP.
Regular Expressions and Validation
"Regular Expressions and Validation," from new earth Online. Discusses what regular expressions are, how to specify quantity in a pattern, pattern matching, using parentheses, basic matching, special characters, groups, using the backslash character, escape characters, anchors and string replacement, modifiers, validating datatypes, telephone numbers, dates, website URLs, email addresses, RegExp in languages (PHP and JavaScript).
Using Regular Expressions with PHP
"Using Regular Expressions with PHP," from Discusses what regular expressions are, what regular expressions are used for, the basics of regular expressions, metacharacters, matching patterns (preg_match), replacing patterns (preg_replace), and array processing.
Regular Expressions in PHP
"Regular Expressions in PHP," by Matt Wade. Discusses regular expressions in PHP, basic syntax, simple matching, beginning and end of strings, repetition operators, bounds, parentheses, brackets, the OR operator, and usage examples.
Regular Expression Pocket Reference
Regular Expression Pocket Reference: Regular Expressions for Perl, Ruby, PHP, Python, C, Java and .NET,” by Tony Stubblebine (July 2007). Discusses Regexes, pattern matching, metacharacters, modes, constructs, Unicode support, Perl 5.8, the java.util.regex, .NET and C#, PHP, Python, Ruby, JavaScript, PCRE, Apache web server, vi editor, and shell tools.
Using Regular Expressions in PHP
'Using Regular Expressions in PHP," by James Ussher-Smith. Discusses what regular expressions are, what they can be used for, how to use them, and syntax reference.
Introduction to PHP Regex
"Introduction to PHP Regex," by Kevin Waterson. Discusses what regex is, match beginning of a string, how to find a pattern at the end of a string, meta characters, special sequences, modifiers, evaluation and using preg_replace, lookaheads, and lookbehind.
Using Perl Compatible Regular Expressions with PHP
Tutorial: "Using Perl Compatible Regular Expressions with PHP," by Patrick Delin. Discusses terms and their definitions, Perl Compatible Regular Expressions (PCRE) syntax, how scripts work, a script overview, email validation, and code flow.
PHP Tutorials: Introduction to Regular Expressions
"PHP Tutorials: Introduction to Regular Expressions," from Tips 'n' tutorials. Discusses what regular expressions are, searching for an exact text phrase, start and end text, multiple characters, OR operator, wild character, bracket expressions, excluding characters, escaping regular expression characters, and retrieving text using preg_match.

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