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Regular Expressions Resource Center

Regular Expressions In Perl
Beginning Regular Expressions
Beginning Regular Expressions, by Andrew Watt (February 2005). Discusses what regular expressions are, what regular expressions can be used for, regular expressions you use already, regular expression tools, language and platform-specific tools, an analytical approach to using regular expressions, matching single characters, matching optional characters, curly-brace syntax, metacharacters, whitespace and non-whitespace characters, modifiers, character classes, using ranges in character classes, metacharacter meaning within character classes, negated character classes; string, line and word boundaries, parentheses in regular expressions, looking ahead and behind, sensitivity and specificity of regular expressions, documenting and debugging regular expressions, regular expressions in Microsoft Word, regular expressions in StarOffice/, Regular expressions findstr, PowerGREP, wildcards in Microsoft Excel, regular expressions functionality in SQL Server 2000; using regular expressions in MySQL, Microsoft Access, Jscript, JavaScript, VBScript, VB .NET, C#, PHP, W3C XML schema, Java and Perl.
Regular Expressions in C#, Java & Perl
"Beginning Regular Expressions in C#, Java and Perl," by Larry Mark. Discusses the basics of matching, pattern matching, capturing and groups, replacement, pattern replacement, and replacement and capturing.
Regular Expressions PHP Tutorial
"Regular Expressions Training course," from Well House Consultants. This is a one-day fee-based course. Topics include what regular expressions are, why use regular expressions, regular expression flavors (regular, Perl, POSIX), alternatives to regular expressions, string manipulation functions, tokenizers, regular expression elements, literals, assertions, character groups, special characters, bracketing, extra elements, capturing matches, look around, look ahead, look behind, modifiers, ignoring case, global matching, modifiers, compile and match phases, backtracking, advanced regular expression components, greedy, back referencing, and more.
An Introduction to Regular Expressions
"An Introduction to Regular Expressions," by Uwe Keim. Discusses what regular expressions are, why you would use regular expressions, where to use regular expressions, how to use regular expression syntax basics, how to use regular expressions from Perl, replacing a substring, meta characters, character classes, qualifiers, greedy, anchors, alternation, grouping, backreferences, and lookahead and lookbehind conditions.
Using Perl Compatible Regular Expressions with PHP
Tutorial: "Using Perl Compatible Regular Expressions with PHP," by Patrick Delin. Discusses terms and their definitions, Perl Compatible Regular Expressions (PCRE) syntax, how scripts work, a script overview, email validation, and code flow.
Perl Regular Expressions
"Perl Regular Expressions," by Steve Litt. Discusses what regular expressions are, doing string comparisons, parsing, substitutions, translations, greedy matching, ungreedy matching, resolving doubledots in a filepath, and using a variable as a match expression.
Using Regular Expressions
"Using Regular Expressions," by Stephen Ramsay of the University of Virginia. Discusses what regular expressions are, what can be done with regular expressions, drawbacks, what is needed to use regular expressions, why they are called regular expressions, how to write a simple search-and-replace using regular expressions, how to write a simple search pattern using a regular expression, how to construct complex patterns, single-character metacharacters, quantifiers, anchors, escape characters, alternation, backreferences, Perl and regular expressions, and where to locate more information on regular expressions.
Mastering Regular Expressions
Mastering Regular Expressions, by Jeffrey Friedl (August 2006). Discuses solving real problems, regular expressions as a language, metacharacters, matching text with regular expressions, modifying text with regular expressions, regular expressions features, mechanics of expression processing, practical Regex techniques, crafting an efficient expression, Perl, Java, .NET, and PHP.
Regular Expression Pocket Reference
Regular Expression Pocket Reference: Regular Expressions for Perl, Ruby, PHP, Python, C, Java and .NET,” by Tony Stubblebine (July 2007). Discusses Regexes, pattern matching, metacharacters, modes, constructs, Unicode support, Perl 5.8, the java.util.regex, .NET and C#, PHP, Python, Ruby, JavaScript, PCRE, Apache web server, vi editor, and shell tools.
Regular Expressions: The Complete Tutorial
Regular Expressions: The Complete Tutorial, by Jan Goyvaerts (March 2006). Discusses what grep is, PowerGREP, RegexBuddy, EditPad Pro, using regular expressions in Delphi, using regular expressions in Java, using regular expressions with JavaScript and ECMAScript, using regular expressions with the Microsoft .NET Framework, the PCRE open source Regex Library, Perl’s rich support for regular expressions, Python’s re module, using regular expressions with Ruby, VBScript’s regular expression support, how to use regular expressions in Visual Basic, basic syntax reference, advanced syntax reference, syntax reference for specific Regex flavors, and a Unicode syntax reference.
Regular Expressions for Dummies
Regular Expressions for Dummies, by Linda Hefferman and Asha Dornfest (April 2007). Discusses creating a website with the expression web, working with web pages, coaxing content onto a page, getting around hyperlinks, web pictures, forms, using styles, putting page elements in their place, external style sheets and CSS code, tables, dynamic web templates, going live, website management, and resources.

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