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Regular Expressions Resource Center

Regular Expressions In Visual Basic
Regular Expressions with .NET Framework
"Using Regular Expressions with the Microsoft .NET Framework," from Discusses regular expression support in the .NET Framework (including the C#, Visual Basic programming languages), possessive quantifiers, the character class subtraction, XML schema regular expressions, using VB.NET syntax, the System.Text.RegularExpressions, the System.text.RegularExpressions.Match class, regular expressions, literal strings, backslashes, and a .NET Framework demo application using regular expressions (C# syntax).
Regular Expressions Series
Webcasts: "Regular Expressions Series," the .NET Developers Community on Second Life. The series consists of 10 webcasts and covers what regular expressions are and how they are helpful, common misconceptions about how they should be used, different levels of regular expressions, how to use metacharacters; when, where, or should we use regular expressions; .NET, Windows, SQL Server 2005 and JavaScript applications, substitution, pattern matching, backreferencing, sequential matches, regular expressions used in .NET development, C# and Visual Basic usage, advanced concepts of regular expression engine types, how processing occurs, regular expression examples for the .NET Framework and Windows web applications, and security.
Regular Expressions: An introduction
"Regular Expressions: An Introduction," from Aivosto (developer of RegExpr, a regular expression solution for Visual Basic and VBA). Discusses regex syntax, quantifiers, special characters, character classes, grouping and alternatives, case sensitivity, and advanced syntax. Regex examples include email matching, parsing dates, and web logs.
Regular Expression Pocket Reference
Regular Expression Pocket Reference: Regular Expressions for Perl, Ruby, PHP, Python, C, Java and .NET,” by Tony Stubblebine (July 2007). Discusses Regexes, pattern matching, metacharacters, modes, constructs, Unicode support, Perl 5.8, the java.util.regex, .NET and C#, PHP, Python, Ruby, JavaScript, PCRE, Apache web server, vi editor, and shell tools.
Regular Expressions: The Complete Tutorial
Regular Expressions: The Complete Tutorial, by Jan Goyvaerts (March 2006). Discusses what grep is, PowerGREP, RegexBuddy, EditPad Pro, using regular expressions in Delphi, using regular expressions in Java, using regular expressions with JavaScript and ECMAScript, using regular expressions with the Microsoft .NET Framework, the PCRE open source Regex Library, Perl’s rich support for regular expressions, Python’s re module, using regular expressions with Ruby, VBScript’s regular expression support, how to use regular expressions in Visual Basic, basic syntax reference, advanced syntax reference, syntax reference for specific Regex flavors, and a Unicode syntax reference.
Mastering Regular Expressions
Mastering Regular Expressions, by Jeffrey Friedl (August 20060. Discuses solving real problems, regular expressions as a language, metacharacters, matching text with regular expressions, modifying text with regular expressions, regular expressions features, mechanics of expression processing, practical Regex techniques, crafting an efficient expression, Perl, Java, .NET, and PHP.
Expresso Regular Expression Development Tool
Tool: Expresso Regular Expression Development Tool from Ultrapio. The tool is free and its features include building complex regular expressions with components from a palette, testing expressions, displaying matches, build replacement strings, highlight matched text, test for syntax errors, generate Visual Basic, C# or C++ code, and more.

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