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Regular Expressions Resource Center

Regular Expressions Introductions
Regular Expressions in Dreamweaver
"Introduction to Regular Expressions in Dreamweaver," by Rob Christensen. Discusses the background of regular expressions, common usages, data validation in web forms, processing log files, updating content, extending Dreamweaver, cleaning up HTML/CSS code, literal expressions, matches, special characters, the Or statement, repetition, character classes, your first regular expressions, initial setup, creating a basic Alpha search, using character classes to Find All Tags, using repetition, matching closing tags using an optional character, using the Not operator to match tag attributes and values, a strict regular expression, a lazy regular expression using the Not operator, suing subexpressions to replace content (exercise), subexpressions, applying subexpressions to the problem, and searching for CSS (cascading style sheets) inline styles.
Regular Expressions: An Introduction
"Regular Expressions: An Introduction," from Aivosto (developer of RegExpr, a regular expression solution for Visual Basic and VBA). Discusses regex syntax, quantifiers, special characters, character classes, grouping and alternatives, case sensitivity, and advanced syntax. Regex examples include email matching, parsing dates, and web logs.
Discusses what regular expressions are, explains regular expression (regex) syntax and how the regex engine works, and lists applications and languages that support regexes. Additional links are provided to tools, examples, books and references.
Using Regular Expressions
"Using Regular Expressions," by Stephen Ramsay of the University of Virginia. Discusses what regular expressions are, what can be done with regular expressions, drawbacks, what is needed to use regular expressions, why they are called regular expressions, how to write a simple search-and-replace using regular expressions, how to write a simple search pattern using a regular expression, how to construct complex patterns, single-character metacharacters, quantifiers, anchors, escape characters, alternation, backreferences, Perl and regular expressions, and where to locate more information on regular expressions.
Regular Expressions: A Simple User Guide
"Regular Expressions: A Simple User Guide," from Discusses what regular expressions are, the basics of regular expressions, Apache browser recognition, POSIX s=Standard Character classes, commonly available extensions, submatches, groups, backreferences, and a regular expression tester.
Regular Expression History
The definition for regular expressions from Wikipedia. Topics include basic concepts, history of regular expressions, formal language theory, syntax, regular expressions and Unicode, uses of regular expressions, and additional references.
Introduction to Regular Expressions
Sample chapter: “Introduction to Regular Expressions,” from Beginning Regular Expressions, by Andrew Watt (February 2005). Discusses what regular expressions are, what regular expressions can be used for, finding doubled words, checking input from web forms, changing date formats, finding incorrect case, and adding links to URLs.
An Introduction to Regular Expressions
"An Introduction to Regular Expressions," from GUIstuff. Discusses an effective programming concept, alternation, grouping, quantification, metacharacters in regular expressions, line separators, modifiers, escape sequences, character classes, predefined classes, word boundaries, iterators, alternatives, and backreferences,
Introduction To Regular Expressions
"Introduction To Regular Expressions," from the blog of Ben Nadel. Discusses character selectors/operators, zero or more instances, one or more instances, zero to one instance, "matches exactly" instances, the OR operator, greedy vs. non-greedy matching, character classes, character sets, grouping character sequences, text boundaries, case sensitivity, and reserved and special characters.
Regular Expressions and Validation
"Regular Expressions and Validation," from new earth Online. Discusses what regular expressions are, how to specify quantity in a pattern, pattern matching, using parentheses, basic matching, special characters, groups, using the backslash character, escape characters, anchors and string replacement, modifiers, validating datatypes, telephone numbers, dates, website URLs, email addresses, RegExp in languages (PHP and JavaScript).
Regular Expressions in C#, Java & Perl
"Beginning Regular Expressions in C#, Java and Perl," by Larry Mark. Discusses the basics of matching, pattern matching, capturing and groups, replacement, pattern replacement, and replacement and capturing.
Regular Expressions: An Introduction
"Regular Expressions: An Introduction," by Amit Arora. Discusses what regular expressions are, why use regular expressions, syntax, patterns, special characters, escape characters, positional matching, qualifiers, alternates, sub-patterns, character class, negative character class, sub-patterns, and modifiers.
Introduction to Regular Expressions for PHP
"Introduction to Regular Expressions: ERE (Extended regular Expressions) POSIX," by Derek. Discusses special range metacharacters, the structure of the ereg function (prototype), array regs, multi-byte characters, and the ereg_replace.

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