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Regular Expressions Resource Center

Regular Expressions Resource Sites
Regular Expressions Reference: Basic Syntax
"Regular Expressions Reference: Basic Syntax," from The chart is broken down by category including characters, character classes or character sets, dot, anchors, word boundaries, alternation, and qualifiers. For each entry in the chart the character is given, a description of what the character does, and an example is shown.
Regular Expression Library
The site is the Internet's first regular expressions library. The site has over 1800 expressions from more than a thousand contributors. Topics covered include identifying strings that do not confirm, parsing lines of C# source code, regex for cleaning up XML, sub-matches and more.
Writing Better SQL Using Regular Expressions
"Writing Better SQL Using Regular Expressions," by Alice Rischert. Discusses what regular expressions are, using regular expressions with Oracle Database 10g, basic examples of regular expressions, the REGEXP_LIKE operator, the REGEXP_INSTR function, writing more complex patterns, the REGEXP_SUBSTR function, the REGEXP_REPLACE function, backreferences, the match parameter option, practical applications for regular expressions, and comparing regular expressions to existing functionality.
The Joy of Regular Expressions [1]
Article: "The Joy of Regular Expressions [1]," by Harry Fuecks. Discusses why regular expressions are needed, understanding the concept, positive matching, the preg_match return value, the preg_match_all, exact match, validating a username, and qualifying length.
Regular Expressions
The Single UNIX Specification, Version 2, from The Open Group. Discusses regular expressions, regular expression definitions, general requirements, basic regular expressions, extended regular expressions, and regular expression grammar.
Regular Expressions Resources,_help,_and_tutorials
Regular Expressions Resources from the Open Directory site. Resources include links to documentation on the regular expression syntax used in GNU Awk and GNU grep, how to use regular expressions on Microsoft's .NET platform, Posix basic regular expressions, a quick reference, UNIX specifications, tutorials, books, and examples.

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