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Regular Expressions Resource Center

Regular Expressions Sample Chapters
Introduction to Regular Expressions
Sample chapter: “Introduction to Regular Expressions,” from Beginning Regular Expressions, by Andrew Watt (February 2005). Discusses what regular expressions are, what regular expressions can be used for, finding doubled words, checking input from web forms, changing date formats, finding incorrect case, and adding links to URLs.
Words and Text
Sample chapter: “Words and Text,” from Regular Expressions Recipes: A Problem-Solution Approach, by Nathan A. Good (December 2004). Discusses finding blank, shell scripting, finding words, finding multiple words with one search, finding variations on words, finding similar words, replacing words, replacing everything between delimiters, replacing tab characters, and testing complexity of passwords.
The Mechanics of Expression Processing
Sample chapter: “The Mechanics of Expression Processing,” from Mastering Regular Expressions, by Jeffrey Friedl (August 2006). Discuses standards, the impact of standards, Regex engine types, testing the engine type, match basics, engine pieces and parts, standard qualifiers, Regex-directed vs. text-directed, backtracking, important points on backtracking, saved states, multi-character quotes, using lazy qualifiers, possessive qualifiers and atomic grouping, the backtracking of lookaround, taking advantage of ordered alternation; and NFA (Non-determistic finite-state Automation), DFA (DXI Frame Address) and POSIX.
Regular Expression Tutorial
Sample chapter: “Regular Expression Tutorial,” from Regular Expressions: The Complete Tutorial, by Jan Goyvaerts (March 2006). Discusses what regular expressions are, different regular expression engines, Regexes, literal characters, special characters, special characters and programming languages, and non-printable characters.

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