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Regular Expressions Resource Center

Regular Expressions Training Courses
Introduction to Regular Expressions
Training: "Introduction to Regular Expressions," from Accelebrate. This one-day, fee-based, on-site course covers an introduction to regular expressions, how regular expressions are used, what a regular expression is, using regular expressions, matching single characters, using metacharacters, repeating matches, position matching, using sub expressions, using backreferences, looking ahead and behind, and embedding conditions.
Regular Expressions PHP Tutorial
"Regular Expressions Training course," from Well House Consultants. This is a one-day fee-based course. Topics include what regular expressions are, why use regular expressions, regular expression flavors (regular, Perl, POSIX), alternatives to regular expressions, string manipulation functions, tokenizers, regular expression elements, literals, assertions, character groups, special characters, bracketing, extra elements, capturing matches, look around, look ahead, look behind, modifiers, ignoring case, global matching, modifiers, compile and match phases, backtracking, advanced regular expression components, greedy, back referencing, and more.

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Update :: November 15, 2019