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Regular Expressions Resource Center

Regular Expressions Tutorials
Regular Expressions (The Java™) Tutorials
Tutorial: "Regular Expressions (The Java™) Tutorials," from Sun Microsytems. Discusses text harness, string literals, character classes, predefined character classes, quantifiers, capturing groups, boundary matchers, methods of the Pattern class, methods of the Matcher class, methods of the PatternSyntaxException class, and additional resources.
Regular Expressions: Introduction to JavaScript
"Regular Expressions: Introduction to JavaScript," from Discusses pattern matching and regular expressions, what you can do with regular expressions, how to use modifiers and matching operators, how to construct regular expressions, how to use backreferences, how to perform substitution commands, JavaScript regular expressions, defining regular expressions, using regular expression methods, create a general feedback form, and how to provide a workaround for older browsers.
Introduction to Regular Expressions (Scripting)
"Introduction to Regular Expressions (Scripting)," from the Microsoft Developer's Network. Discusses regular expressions concepts, the history of regular expressions, using regular expressions, syntax, building a regular expression, ordinary characters, special characters, non-printable characters, character matching, quantifiers, anchors, alternation and grouping, and backreferences.
Regular Expression Tutorial
Sample chapter: “Regular Expression Tutorial,” from Regular Expressions: The Complete Tutorial, by Jan Goyvaerts (March 2006). Discusses what regular expressions are, different regular expression engines, Regexes, literal characters, special characters, special characters and programming languages, and non-printable characters.
An Introduction to Regular Expressions
"An Introduction to Regular Expressions," by Uwe Keim. Discusses what regular expressions are, why use regular expressions, regular expression syntax basics, regular expressions in Perl, replacing a substring, meta characters, character classes, qualifiers, greedy, anchors, alternation, grouping, backreferences, and lookahead and lookbehind conditions.
Regular Expressions (RegEx) Tutorial
Blog: "Regular Expressions (RegEx) Tutorial," from the gery Hat SEO Blog. Discusses what regular expressions (regex) are, classes, the range operator, class repetition, backslash, repetition operator's specific characteristics, class dening, the period, the alternancy operator, anchors, groups, backreferences, and the question mark.
Programmer's Guide to Regular Expressions
"Programmer's Guide to Regular Expressions," by David Anderson. Discusses what a regular expression (regexp) is, RegExp syntax, declaration, flags, regular expression patterns, escape special characters, quantifiers, pattern delimiters, lookaheads, alternation, character sets, special characters, literal characters, backreferences, character escapes, and regular expressions methods and usage.
Regular Expression HOWTO
Tutorial: "Regular Expression HOWTO," by A. M. Kuchling. Simple patterns, matching characters, repeating things, using regular expressions, compiling regular expressions, the backslash plague, performing matches, module-level functions, compilation flags, metacharacters, grouping, non-capturing and named groups, lookahead assertions, modifying strings, splitting strings, search and replace, string methods, match vs. search, greedy vs. non-greedy, using vs. VERBOSE, and feedback.

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