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Ruby on Rails Resource Center

Ruby on Rails Blogs
RailsTips—Tips for Riding the Rails is the blog of web developer John Nunemaker. Topics include the hash#except, plural controllers, the assert_difference, a daily summary of the RailsConf 2007, object-oriented programming (OOP), JRuby on Rails (including the basics, database support, command line performance, migration, native extension issues and deployment) Atom protocol, virtual machine, shared hardware, dedicated resources, virtual cluster examples, transparent interfaces and the selling points of Rails.
Loud Thinking by David Heinemeier Hansson
The blog of David Heinemeier Hansson, developer of Rails. Topics discussed include the RailsConf Europe 2007, multiple cores, threads, the RailsConf 2007 and scaling to multiple databases with Rails. Additional links are provided to archived entries and information about David and his company 37signals.
The Rails Way
The blog of Jamis Buck and Michael Koziarski members of the rails core team. Topics include named callbacks, the tab helper, skinny controllers, association proxies, restricting access to user data, assigning ownership, special queries, SignOut, REST (a way of writing applications that exposes the underlying resources), identifying resources, the AssetsGraphed, and importing files.
Ruby on Windows
Blogspot's Ruby on Windows blog covers using the Ruby programming language on the Microsoft Windows platform Topics include querying the Windows registry for the default mail client, sending email, using Ruby and ADO to work with Excel worksheets, formatting worksheets, using the ENV object, formatting text and Ruby and the Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI).

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