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Ruby on Rails Resource Center

Ruby on Rails Resource Sites
Ruby on Rails Reference 1.1.2
"Ruby on Rails Reference 1.1.2," from InVisible. Overviews the most used functions, methods and classes. Topics include creating a Rails application, API documentation, Rake, scripts, generators, plug-ins. models, validations, scope, callbacks, migration, unit testing, controllers, URL routing, filters, session/Flash, cookies, file uploads, views, templates, HTML, helpers, links, HTML forms, layouts, components, functional testing, AJAX, configuring your application (session and caching configurations) and the ActionMailer.
Rails Framework Documentation
The "Read Me" document from the Ruby on Rails organization. The document explains what Ruby on Rails is, what the Active Record is and how to obtain addition information about it, how to get started, web servers, debugging Rails, breakpoints and how they are used, the console, terms and their definitions including the app, app/controllers, app/models, app/views, app/views/layouts, app/helpers, config, components, db, doc, lib, public, script, test and vendor. Links are provided to the various files, classes and methods.
Ruby on Rails Site
This site is a source of resources about Ruby on Rails. Resources include an overview of what Ruby on Rails is, examples of screencasts (creating a weblog, Flickr on Rails, database schema and presentations), links to downloads (Ruby, RubyGems, Rails and editors), documentation, APIs, books, tutorials, manuals, weblog and community (mailing lists).
Rails in Action: The 56 Best RoR Driven Sites - So
"Rails in Action: The 56 Best RoR Driven Sites," from Software Developer. Highlights some of the best websites and tools developed with Ruby on Rails (RoR). Included are 37signals (where RoR was developed) and their tools including Basecamp (for project management), Backpack (for file organization), Campfire (chatroom software) and Highrise (contact management and conversation archive); business applications, travel applications, local website applications, multimedia website applications, social networking applications and tools for developers.

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Update :: January 17, 2020