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Ruby on Rails Resource Center

Ruby on Rails Webcasts
Three times a week Ryan Bates hosts Railscasts the feature tips and tricks for developers. Some of the recent topics include caching with instance variables, dynamic find by methods, find through association, layouts, filtering sensitive logs, refractoring, virtual attributes, checkboxes, looping through Flash, restricting access, the stack trace, cross-site scripting, formatting, making a plugin, named routes, multibutton forms, field errors, conditional validations, debugging, console tricks, contributing to Rails, updating through checkboxes and handling exceptions.
Computerworld TechCast: Ruby On Rails
"Ruby on Rails," with Ian Lamont is a 6 minute podcast that overviews the Ruby programming language and the Rails open source environment (a developers tool for Internet applications). The podcast covers a brief history of Ruby and Rails, and discusses their features (such as clean syntax, good for small scripts or large applications, easy to understand and maintain programs and fewer lines of code).
Ruby on Rails eXchange Videos
Ruby on Rails eXchange Videos is a series of six videos that cover: "Quick and Clean: Well-factored Rails," presented by Chad Fowler; "Experiments with Very Rapid Development in Rails," presented by Tom Locke; "Rerouting Rails," presented by Paul Battley; "Managing a High Performance Rails Application without Tearing Your Hair Out," presented by James Cox; "Extend Your Rails Application Using Domain Specific Language," presented by Damien Tanner; and "The Ruby on Rails eXchange Panel Discussion," with Ben Griffiths, Chad Fowler, James Cox, Tom Locke, Eleanor McHugh, Paul Battley, and Damien Tanner.
A series of 55 podcasts on Ruby on Rails topics that include debugging, exception handling, updating with checkboxes, the will_apginate, contributing to Rails, reading the API, console tricks, conditional validations, blocks in view, customized error field, a mulipbutton form, a simple search form, custom REST actions, named routes, making a plugin, formatting time, cross-site scripting, the stack trace, authentication, restricting access, looping through Flash, virtual attributes, refractoring, filtering, layouts and caching through instance variables.

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