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Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) Resource Center
Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) Resource Sites
Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) Resources
Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) Resources available on TechRepublic. White papers cover topics including "SOA Governance: Framework and Best Practices," "Bringing SOA Value Patterns to Life," "Extension Management and Resolution in SOA-enabled Business Processes," "Web Services Security: What's Required to Secure a SOA," "Data Grids and SOA," "Transforming Legacy Applications into a SOA Framework," "Choosing a SOA Platform that Fits Near-Term Business Need and Long-Term Strategy," "Testing SOA Applications with IBM Rational Quality Management Solutions," "First Steps to SOA: Enabling Rapid crisis Response and Driving Business Innovation," "Use .NET to develop and Implement a Web Service Solution from Start to finish," "IBM Pure XML for SOA: Unlocking the Business Value of Information," "Next generation SOA Infrastructure," "Infrastructure Considerations for SOA," and "SOA Solutions Using WebSphere on IBM System p5 Servers." Additional resources include case studies and webcasts.
IBM’s SOA Resources
IBM’s SOA site. Resources include a definition of SOA, videos and webcasts; information for CIOs, business managers, IT professionals, IT architects, business partners and small and medium businesses; a newsletter, IBM products, events, education and a library.
SOA Knowledge Center
The SOA Knowledge Center from Visual Studio Magazine. Resources include articles with topics such as model-driven development, SOA's vulnerability, outlining the future of software, SOA and Indigo, integrating SOA portals, and profiles of companies implementing SOA.
Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) Resources
Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) Resource Center from TIBCO. Resources include a 2-minute explanation of end-to-end governance, MDM (Master Data Management) and why it is essential for successful SOA, a series of podcasts "Ask the SOA Expert," an overview of TIBCO's ActiveMatrix (for simplifying the deployment and management of heterogeneous SOA environments), "The SOA Challenge" podcast, a SAO planning guide, a SOA ROI calculator, SOA fundamentals, best practices, case studies, resource library and TIBCO solutions.
SOA Practitioners’ Guide
“SOA Practitioners’ Guide,” from Arch2Arch. Discusses why SOA (a high-level summary of SOA), the SOA reference architecture, enterprise-wide SOA implementation, component descriptions, requirements, design patterns, standards, regulation compliance, templates, the services lifecycle, organization and governance best practices and links to additional resources.
SOA Trends and Best Practices
White papers: A series of SOA trends and best practices white papers from BEA. Topics include “Innovate Over SAP with SOA, Business Process Management (BPM) and Enterprise Social Computing (ESC),” “BEA Enterprise 360: A Business Perspective,” “SOA Report 2007: SOA Graduates to the Enterprise,” “Business Integration and SOA: A Revolution in Business Agility,” “An Overview of the SOA Market,” “SOA Lifecycle Governance,” “Measuring SOA Success: Key Metrics for Determining the ROI of SOA Through Reuse,” “SOA Organization and Governance: Ensuring Successful Adoption,” “SOA Research—financial Justification,” “The integration Journey—A Field Guide to Enterprise Integration for SOA,” “Enterprise Data Visualization,” “From Pilot to Payoff: SOA hits its Stride,” “Enabling the Business Services Lifecycle for SOA,” “SOA and the Competitive Value of Flexible IT,” and more.
10+ Things You Should Know About SOA
Article: "10+ Things You Should Know About Service-Oriented Architecture," by Brian Schaffner. Discusses key SOA concepts, benefits that can be achieved by implementing SOA, what SOA is, SOA and web services, building SOA using existing infrastructures, SOA and an evolutionary approach, process automation, complex architectures, understanding of business data, simple and compound services, multiple layers of automation, interface standards, outsourcing services, building services from existing legacy systems and applications, performance, the four components of SOA, and the difficulty of getting started with SOA.
Service Oriented Architecture : Why SOA?
Article: "Service Oriented Architecture: Why SOA?," from Exforsys Inc. Discusses "why SOA?," information technology, standardized interfaces and data models, reuse, "why use SOA now?," web services, what SOA is, and the aspects of SOA.
Combining SOA and EDA Using an ESB
Article: "Combining Service-Oriented Architecture and Event-Driven Architecture Using an Enterprise Service Bus," by Jean-Louis Marechaux. Discusses service-oriented architecture, the request/reply mechanism, fundamental SOA characteristics, event-driven architecture (EDA), the publish/subscribe mechanism, fundamental EDA characteristics, the enterprise service bus (ESB), what the ESB is, ESB services (including transport services, event services, and mediation services), and ESB benefits (including standard-based connectivity, pervasive integration, and reliable integration).
Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)
Article: "Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)," from the U.S. Army Enterprise Solutions Competency Center. Discusses what SOA is, the benefits of SOA, when to use SOA, the current state of SOA, SOA in the Department of Defense, and potential constraints for SOA.
Migrating to a SOA
Article: “Migrating to a Service-Oriented Architecture,” by Kishore Channabasavaiah, Kerrie Holley and Edward Tuggle, Jr. Discusses the case for developing a service-oriented architecture, complexity (problem one), redundant and non-reusable programming, multiplicity of interfaces, the future, requirements for SOA, and SOA—not just web services.
Sun Microsystem’s SOA site
Sun Microsystem’s SOA site. Overviews Sun’s SOA suite of products, provides links to an online SOA tour, podcasts, customer comments, upcoming events, reasons for selecting Sun’s SOA solutions, key benefits of SOA, products, services, developer tools, related standards and technologies, blogs, white papers, and information of getting started in SOA.
Microsoft’s SOA Resources Site
Microsoft’s SOA resources site. Learn about the Microsoft Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) that provides an IT infrastructure for streamlining the business processes, increasing customer responsiveness, and improving interactions with key partners. Resources include highlights, news articles, video case studies, webcasts, related products, industry focus, white papers and additional resources.
Six Steps to a Successful SOA
Article: “Service-Oriented Architecture: Six Steps to a Successful SOA,” by Theo Beack. Discusses mapping SOA to your business, implementing incrementally, creating an SOA plan, gathering talent, reuse, and measuring results.
SOA from a Java Developer Perspective
Article: “An Introduction to Service-Oriented Architecture from a Java Developer Perspective,” by Debu Panda. Discusses what SOA is, why use SOA, SOA and Java, different layers for service-oriented applications, the service layer, building the service layer in Java, the business process layer, presentation layer (the data binding problem), and best practices.
Securing Service-Oriented Applications
Atricle: "SOA Programming Model for Implementing Web Services: Securing Service-Oriented Applications," by Anthony Nadalin, Natarai Nagaratnam, and Maryann Hondo. Discusses business applications and security infrastructure, the SOA security model, message security, the trust model, programming model design principles, infrastructure-managed vs. application-managed security, flexibility of choice, and security engineering.
Intro to the IBM SOA Programming Model
Article: "SOA Programming Model for Implementing Web Services: Introduction to the IBM SOA Programming Model," by Donald Ferguson and Marcia Stockton. Discusses the SOA programming model series, highlights of the SOA programming model, the programming model concept, product architecture, and containers hosting various component and service types.
Web Services and Service-Oriented Architectures
The Web Services and Service-Oriented Architectures site from Barry & Associates. Resources include online articles on service-oriented architecture, the application-server, and on databases, product listings, an example enterprise web services architecture (diagram), how to get started, services (such as consulting, mentoring, advanced software architectures, and products (such as web services, application servers, relational databases, and more).

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