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Silverlight Resource Center

Introduction to SilverlightMinimize
"Why Silverlight is Important"
Article: “Why Silverlight is Important,” by Michael Arrington. Discusses the announcement of Microsoft’s new platform, Silverlight, and how it will become the platform of choice for developers who build rich Internet applications.
"Silverlight: The Web Just Got Richer"
Article: “Silverlight: The Web Just Got Richer,” by Nik Cubrilovic. This is an overview of Microsoft’s new platform Silverlight formerly called WPF/E (Windows Presentation Foundation/Everywhere). The platform is designed to work with other browsers including Firefox, and Safari on the Mac OSX platform. Features include the CLR (common language runtime), for programming in the browser using C#, JavaScript, Visual Basic, Python or Ruby; multimedia (with high definition video and native full screen); Silverlight Streaming service (where developers and users can host their Silverlight applications on Microsoft); and mobile (Silverlight will run on Windows mobile devices).
"The Web, Ozzie Make Their Mark at Microsoft"
Article: “The Web, Ozzie Make Their Mark at Microsoft,” by Martin LaMonica. Discusses the announcement of Silverlight (a platform for building rich Internet applications) by Ray Ozzie (chief software architect at Microsoft) at the MIX 2007 conference. The article also highlights some features including Microsoft’s intention to make the software “ubiquitous” over a range of devices, developers can use any of the .NET languages to write their applications, and applications will run on Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari.
"Interview with Project Manager for Silverlight"
Podcast: “Interview with Project Manager for Microsoft Silverlight,” with Michael Arrington. In this 22-minute podcast Brian Goldfarb, project manager for Silverlight, discusses the new cross-platform cross-browser platform for creating rich Internet applications. Discussions include the history of Silverlight, a cross platform implementation of .NET, high quality video (DVD quality), tools (from the .NET framework), independent of Microsoft software, developers can program in many programming languages, and performance.
"Getting Started with Silverlight"
eBook: "Getting Started with Silverlight," by Shawn Wildemuth. Topics include: why Silverlight?, what is Silverlight?, working with Silverlight XAML, comparing Silverlight and WPF, development model, using Silverlight with ASP.NET, using tools, and finding examples in the world.
Top 10 Reasons for Using Silverlight
Blog: Tim Sneath’s top ten reasons for using Silverlight, including: supports WMV files for Mac and PC, separating markup from code, integrates seamlessly with HTML, embed XAML directly into HTML pages, full runtime interactivity with Silverlight content, supports Windows XP and above (Windows 2000 due soon), fast, and client- and server-agnostic. There are links to archives of this blog that cover the past four years.

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