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Silverlight Resource Center

Microsoft Silverlight ResourcesMinimize
Silverlight Website
The Silverlight website where you can locate the latest information on this new platform for creating and developing rich Internet applications. View five presentations that were developed using Microsoft Silverlight, find links to the latest news releases, blogs, community, forums, and how to get started using Silverlight.
Silverlight Getting Started Page
Video: The Getting Started page for Microsoft’s Silverlight platform. You can view a 23-minute video that gives you a step-by-step overview of creating an application using Silverlight; download the runtime (for both Windows and Mac), developer tools, designer tools, software development information and the documentation.
Microsoft® Silverlight™ 1.1 Developer Reference
Chart: Microsoft® Silverlight™ 1.1 Developer Reference is a graphical representation of Silverlight’s application platform, tools, services, framework languages, platforms, presentation framework, presentation core, common language runtime, base classes, communications framework, and data framework.
Silverlight Architecture
Silverlight Architecture: Presents the various components of Silverlight including Silverlight platform (core presentation framework, .NET, and the installer and updater), core presentation components (input, IU rendering, media, controls, DRM and XAML), the .NET framework for Silverlight (Windows Presentation Foundation, data, basic class library, networking, common language runtime and dynamic language runtime), Silverlight programming features (isolated storage, asynchronous programming, file management, HTML managed code interaction, JavaScript Object Notation, POV services, and XML libraries), versions and Silverlight features, and related technologies and tools.
Microsoft Silverlight Home Page
Microsoft Silverlight home page. Read the brief description of what Silverlight is, download and view a 1-1/2 minute high-definition video produced with Silverlight technology, download the Silverlight Beta version, and locate additional links to resources.
Silverlight Flexibility Overview
Learn more about Silverlight’s flexibility including its .NET-based framework, integration with existing web technologies (including Apache, PHP, JavaScript and XHTML), development languages (including C#, JavaScript, Python, Ruby, Visual Basic.NET and others), role-specific tools based on Microsoft’s .NET-connected software features, Microsoft Expression Studio (for creating interactive user interfaces and rich media experiences) for the development of standards-compliant sites. Microsoft Visual Studio helps create client/server code using Microsoft IntelliSense and cross-platform tools, presentations in full design fidelity using XAML (Extensible Application Markup Language, for initializing structured values and objects), the Extensible Control Model (for adding rich content and behaviors, code reuse and sharing), and the .NET-connected software for Ajax-enabled websites.
Silverlight Efficiency Overview
Learn about Silverlight’s efficiency including the unified media format, graphics integration, video and animation insertion, low-cost media streaming, media tools, Microsoft PlayReady technology for digital rights management, and encoding tools for live and on-demand publishing of media.
Silverlight 1.0 Beta SDK Website
Silverlight 1.0 Beta SDK site. Information includes the license agreement (to download and use the software), installation and use rights, additional licensing requirements and/or use rights (e.g., distributable code), length of time the agreement covers, feedback, scope of license, export restrictions, and legal issues.
Microsoft® Silverlight™ 1.0 Beta SDK
Microsoft® Silverlight™ 1.0 Beta Software Development Kit. Information includes a description of the software, details (file name, version, date published, language, download size and estimated time for downloading), overview, system requirements, instructions, and related resources.
Microsoft Silverlight Developers Center

The Microsoft Silverlight developers center. Find links to the Silverlight SDK and Microsoft Expression Blend™ 2 (for creating Silverlight-based applications). Silverlight 1.0 Beta SDK samples including Page Turn (demonstrates the use of XAML (Transaction Authority Markup Language) to create images and a navigation feature that allows users to go to a specific image), Media Library (demonstrates the use of ASP.NET AJAX, the back button and the use of resize), Sprawl Game (demonstrates a casual game integrated in a browser window or view full screen with mouse input), Ink Tattoo (demonstrates cursor customization), Silverlight Pad (demonstrates the integration of HTML input and XAML output with the WYSIWYG XAML editor), Silverlight Piano (demonstrates WMV and MP3 sound), Tile Text (allows users to type in words and have them appear as scrabble-like tiles), and Silverlight Clock (demonstrates using XAML to visualize a clock). Alpha SDK samples include Silverlight-managed Clock (demonstrates how managed code interacts with XAML), Managed Media Library (demonstrates managed code), Chess (allows user to play chess against the computer), Scribbler (demonstrates the scribbler tool for drawing), Photo Viewer (demonstration of this tool), DLR Console (demonstrates how dynamic languages work in real time), and the Socializer (demonstrates a visualization of social networking).


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