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Silverlight Resource Center

Silverlight Application and Code SamplesMinimize
Sample Apps from Lutz Roeder
Application samples: Lutz Roeder has three applications of Silverlight written in C#, these include a Boulderdash game, an MP3 player user interface and a scripted sound and graphics demo.
Top Banana Silverlight Application
Application: Top Banana is a Silverlight application developed with managed code, C#, Visual Studio and Microsoft Expression that provides an interface for browsing, sorting and editing video content using drag-and-drop.
David Anson's Silverlight Blog
Demo and Source Code: Read David Anson’s blog about the development of the “Silverlight Airlines” application that he developed with Ted Glaza. Included in this blog are his development notes for the application, links for downloading Visual Studio (Orcas—see our Resource Center as well) Beta I and the Silverlight Tools (used for compiling and building the source code) and a link to download the application’s source code and a demo.
Lutz Roeder’s Silverlight Page
Demos and source code from Lutz Roeder’s (a member of the Microsoft Expressions Blend team) Silverlight page. The demos include Monotone (a graphics demo developed in XAML and C# with MP3 audio), Digger (a Silverlight version of the Boulderdash game), and Inplay (an MP3 player with position and volume control). All of these demos can be viewed in a browser and their source code can be downloaded.
Silverlight Buttons and Pushbutton Discussion

Source code and discussion: “Silverlight Buttons and Pushbutton Discussion,” from This discussion covers default activity, web picture buttons, thinking about states, separating out the states, and the glass button. The source code is provided for the TemplateButton, the RectangleButton and the Glass Button.


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Update :: January 23, 2020