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Silverlight Resource Center

Silverlight Community, FAQs and NewslettersMinimize
Silverlight Google Group
Group: The Silverlight group on Google for the discussion of Silverlight (WPF/E) and how to include web applications that use JavaScript and AJAX. Current topics include: Iron Python support, a Silverlight/WPF comparison, animations and triggers with WPF/E, MIX Conference, Silverlight on Windows Mobile, and Silverlight buttons.
Silverlight Yahoo! Group
Group: The Silverlight group on Yahoo! is for the discussion of Silverlight application development issues. Current topics include: Silverlight install modes, thoughts from the MIX Conference, and the Silverlight Mindmap.
Microsoft Silverlight FAQ
FAQ: Microsoft’s Silverlight FAQ is arranged in categories, including general (i.e., what is Silverlight”, is it free? etc), installation and website issues, development related, media (audio and video), server and services, globalization and localization, and Silverlight streaming.
Silverlight Photography Newsletter
Newsletter: You can subscribe to the Silverlight Photography Newsletter here. The newsletter covers photography tips and information and updates to Silverlight.

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Update :: January 23, 2020