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Silverlight UK Developers Training Course
Training Courses: This Silverlight training course is available in the UK for developers who want to create cross browser Internet rich applications. The course covers the fundamentals for Silverlight, XAML, Silverlight for web media applications, data (binding, rendering, collections, data providers and customizing), resources (binary and logical), 2D graphics, media (audio, video and speech), creating controls, performance, security, and Internet applications.
Microsoft Expressions Training Videos
Training videos: Microsoft Expressions has a series of free training videos. Topics include: Standards-based websites, CSS-based layout and formatting, rich data presentation, server technology, reporting and deployment, introducing blend and working with control editing, data binding and external data, vector drawing tools, exporting to XAML, importing assets, organizing and cataloging assets, working with images, making professional presentations and creating an HTML gallery.

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Update :: January 23, 2020