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Silverlight Resource Center

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"Silverlight ‘WPF/E’ First Steps"
Tutorial: “Silverlight ‘WPF/E’ First Steps: Getting Started with Simple Analog Clock,” by Muhammad Mosa. Starts with an introduction to WPF/E, then discusses creating a WPF/E page, drawing clock elements, defining a canvas, drawing the clock frame and body using Ellipse; drawing clock bars, hours, minutes and seconds bars, using JavaScript to access Silverlight objects, and using JavaScript to create the Silverlight object.
"Getting Started with Silverlight"
eBook: "Getting Started with Silverlight," by Shawn Wildemuth. Topics include: why Silverlight?, what is Silverlight?, working with Silverlight XAML, comparing Silverlight and WPF, development model, using Silverlight with ASP.NET, using tools, and finding examples in the world.

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Update :: January 23, 2020