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Visual Basic Resource Center

Databases, SQL and ADO.NET
SQL Language Reference Guide
Microsoft's SQL language reference guide.
SQL Server Developer Center
SQL Server Developer Center site provides up-to-date product information, downloads, articles and community forums.
SQL Server 2005 Express
SQL Server 2005 Express provides how-to articles, blogs, newsgroups and other valuable resources.
System.Data Namespace Documentation
Microsoft's documentation for the System.Data namespace.
Query Builder Documentation,vs.80).aspx
Microsoft's documentation for the Query Builder and other visual database tools.
Tutorial: Basic and Advanced SQL Features
W3C's SQL tutorial presents basic and advanced SQL features with examples.
SQL Resources
SQL portal provides links to many resources, including SQL syntax, tips, tutorials, books, magazines, discussion groups, companies with SQL services, SQL consultants and free software.
Oracle's Database Management System
Oracle's database management system.
Sybase Database Management System
Sybase database management system.
IBM's DB2 Database Management System
IBM's DB2 database management system.
PostgreSQL Database Management System
PostgreSQL database management system.
MySQL Database Server
MySQL database server.
SQL Tutorials
SQL tutorial site includes an introduction to SQL and discusses RDBMS and tables, SQL select, SQL where, SQL distinct, SQL update, SQL delete, SQL order by, SQL aggregate functions, SQL group by, SQL having, relations, keys, normalization, SQL join, SQL union, SQL nest queries, creating a database, creating a table, altering a table, SQL views and SQL indexes.
Query Builder Documentation
/3/Portals/0/Repository/SQL language reference guide
Microsoft's documentation for the Query Builder and other visual database tools.

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