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Visual Basic Resource Center

Free Visual Basic Tutorials and Webcasts
Tutorials for Visual Basic and ASP.NET Novices
Tutorial site for Visual Basic and ASP.NET novices. Topics include object-oriented programming with Visual Basic (classes, objects, constructors, inheritance, polymorphism, interfaces, abstract classes, structures and more), an overview of the Visual Basic language and the Visual Studio .NET IDE, Windows forms, Windows controls, ADO.NET, file handling, multithreading, XML Web services and more.
Video Series: The Absolute Beginner
The Absolute Beginner's Video Series lessons on writing code to handle events and set properties, working with variables, expressions, statements and operators, using branching and recursion, object-oriented programming fundamentals and handling expressions.
Webcast: Operator Overloading in Visual Basic 2005
Webcast: "Operator Overloading in Visual Basic 2005" by Mickey Williams discusses best practices and common errors in operator overloading.
Webcast: Generics in Visual Basic 2005
Webcast: "Generics in Visual Basic 2005" by Mickey Williams.
Tutorial: RSS, So Simple with Visual Basic 2005
Tutorial: "RSS, So Simple with Visual Basic 2005" by Josh Fitzgerald.
Tutorial: Paste as Visual Basic
Tutorial: "Paste as Visual Basic: A Visual Studio Add-In That Converts C# Code to Visual Basic," by Scott Swigart. Discusses creating an add-in and form conversion.
Tutorial: Moving Your Legacy Hardware Code to Visu
Tutorial: "Moving Your Legacy Hardware Code to Visual Basic 2005," by Bill Semph. Discusses coding devices, modems, serial devices, printers, parallel devices, video monitor control and communication with IrDA and other network devices.
Tutorial: Simplifying Application Maintenance with
Tutorial: "Simplifying Application Maintenance with Visual Basic 2005," by Brad McCabe. Discusses some of the new features such as compile-time warnings and refactoring scenarios.
Tutorial: Advanced Basics: The Sound of Music
Tutorial: "Advanced Basics: The Sound of Music," by Brad McCabe. Discusses how to add sound to applications.
Video: Absolute Beginner's Video Series: Learning
Free video tutorial: "Absolute Beginner's Video Series: Learning Resources for Visual Basic Express," is a 10-hour, video-based introduction to learning the basics of creating Visual Basic applications.
Tutorial: An Overview of Visual Basic 2005
Tutorial: "An Overview of Visual Basic 2005," by Ken Getz. Discusses new Visual Basic 2005 features including My Visual Basic, IntelliSense, Edit, Continue, AutoCorrect, Just My Code, Windows Forms enhancements, ClickOnce installation, unsigned integer types and partial classes.
Video: Using Visual Basic 6.0 and Visual Basic 200
Free video tutorial: "Using Visual Basic 6.0 and Visual Basic 2005 Together," with Jay Roxe. Discusses some of the new features such as RegFree COM and ClickOnce deployment.
Tutorial: Visual Basic .NET Programming for Beginn
Series of short tutorials: "Visual Basic .NET Programming for Beginners." Discusses forms, adding controls using the toolbox, adding textboxes, variables, buttons if statements, case statements, conditional operators, loops, menus, debugging and more.
Visual Basic 2005 Free Self-Paced Training
Microsoft is offering free, self-paced e-learning lessons on Visual Basic 2005. Offer expires June 30, 2006.

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