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Visual Basic Resource Center

Visual Basic 2005 Articles, eBooks and Whitepapers
Decision Making
"Decision Making," from The Visual Basic Coach. Discusses decision making concepts, If statement syntax, new operators associated with conditional expressions, Else and ElseIf statements, nested If statements and the Select Case statement.
Stored Procedures
"Stored Procedures--Introduction," from Beginning Visual Basic SQL Server 7. Discusses stored procedure vs. Transact-SQL performance, permissions, parameters, return values, select stored procedures, insert stored procedures, update stored procedure and delete stored procedure.
Using XML Queries and Transformations
"Using XML Queries and Transformations--Introduction," from Professional Visual Basic XML. Discusses XPath Query syntax, building a Path, subsets, built-in functions, IE5 conformance, XLST, XLST elements, pre-defined templates, variables, parameters, top level settings and giving style to XML.
Introducing Visual Basic 2005 for Developers
Free e-book: Introducing Visual Basic 2005 for Developers, from Microsoft. Topics include the .NET Framework Primer for developers, the language enhancements, the Visual Studio 2005 IDE, building Datacentric applications, constructing user interfaces, building Web applications, .NET Framework enhancements and deploying applications.
Whitepaper: Refactoring in Visual Basic 2005
Whitepaper: "Refactoring in Visual Basic 2005," by Richard Morris. Discusses refactoring and why it's used, Reorder parameters, Rename, Extract method, create overload, Extract property, Inline Temp, replace Temp with Query, split Temporary variable, move initialization to declaration, split initialization from declaration, move declaration near reference, Reverse conditional, Simplify expression, Introduce constant and Encapsulate field.
How to Set a Hook in Visual Basic .NET;en-us;319524&spid=7796&sid=global
Article: "How to set a hook in Visual Basic .NET," from Microsoft. Discusses setting a hook specific to a thread procedure.
Visual Basic 2005: Maximizing the VB Experience wi
Article: "Visual Basic 2005: Maximizing the VB Experience with New and Old Features," by John Traenkenschuh. Discusses installation, the author's first impressions, the design environment and how Visual Basic 2005 is an improvement over Visual Basic 6.
Refactoring Support for Visual Basic 2005
Article: "Refactoring Support for Visual Basic 2005," by Wei-Meng Lee. Discusses extract method, reorder parameters, declaring variables, initialization, inline temp, Extract property, overloaded methods, Encapsulate field, reversing a condition,  and more.
Refactoring in Visual Basic 2005
Article: "Refactoring in Visual Basic 2005," by Matthew MacDonald. Discusses the refactoring tool, encapsulate method, reordering parameters and the define constant.
13 Reasons to Upgrade to Visual Studio 2005
Article: "The Baker's Dozen: 13 Reasons to Upgrade to Visual Studio 2005," by Kevin S. Goff. Discusses the capabilities of Visual Studio 2005 such as data access, language enhancements, IDE features, deployment and XML.
My Feature in Visual Basic 2005
Article: " My Feature in Visual Basic 2005," by Thiru Thangarathinam. Discusses the My NameSpace feature of VB 2005.
"Upgrading Visual Basic 6.0 Applications to Visual
Article: "Upgrading Visual Basic 6.0 Applications to Visual Basic .NET and Visual Basic 2005," Microsoft Developers Center. Topics include the upgrade assessment tool and system requirements.
A Visual Studio Add-In That Converts C# Code to Vi
Article: "Paste As Visual Basic: A Visual Studio Add-In That Converts C# Code to Visual Basic," by Scott Swigart. Discusses creating the Add-In, testing times, adding an Add-In and Form conversion.
Moving Your Legacy Hardware Code to Visual Basic 2
Article: "Moving Your Legacy Hardware Code to Visual Basic 2005," by Bill Semph. Discusses serial and parallel communications in Visual Basic 2005, coding devices, modems, printers, video monitor control, and communications with IrDA and network devices.
An Overview of Visual Basic 2005
Article: "An Overview of Visual Basic 2005," by Ken Getz. Discusses My namespace, IntelliSense, Edit, Continue, Debugger DataTips. AutoCorrect, Expression Evaluation, Exception Assistant, Windows Forms enhancements, ClickOnce installation, language innovations, Operator Overloading, Generics, the IsNot and Using keywords, unsigned integer types, partial classes, and the background worker object.
System Requirements for Visual Basic 2005
Article: "System Requirements," from Microsoft. Lists the system requirements needed for each of the Visual Basic 2005 versions.
Visual Basic Editions,VS.80).aspx
Article: "Visual Basic Editions," for Microsoft. Comparison chart of the three Visual Basic 2005 versions (Express, Standard and Professional editions) and which templates are available in each edition.
What's New in Visual Basic
Article: "What's New in Visual Basic," from Microsoft. Discusses the new features of the language including My.Application, My.Computer.Clipboard, My objects, My.Computer.FileSystem, user settings, application settings, data access, attribute editing, Exception Assistant. Settings designer, resource designer, ClickOnce deployment and upgrading from Visual Basic 6.0.

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