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Visual Basic Resource Center
Don't just play computer games, learn how to program your own! This section includes Visual Basic game programming resources. For additional game programming resources, check out our Computer Games Resource Center. Includes free tutorials, e-books, online training and more. Check out the code from popular computer games. Also lists game programming books. 

Visual Basic Game Programming
Visual Basic Games
Check out Visual Basic games or post your own at this site. Games available for download include Tetris, tic-tac-toe, minesweeper, Connect Four, Space Invaders, Pacman, ping pong and more.
Visual Basic Game Programming Forums
Visual Basic game programming discussion forums.
Microsoft Windows Game Programming Forums
Microsoft Windows game programming forums. Chat with other game developers, share games and source code and more.
Beginning Game Development
Article: "Beginning Game Development" by Derek Pierson. Discusses game programming using the Microsoft .NET Framework and DirectX 9.0. Visual Basic source code is provided.
Concentration Game Download
Download the Visual Basic source code for this Concentration Game.
Files for MVaders
Download the source code and related files for MVaders, a Visual Basic Space Invaders clone.
Free Source Code
Download the free source code simple text-only video games developed in VB.
Boggle Generator
Program that generates all possible words in a Boggle grid.
Black Jack Card Game
Download Microsoft's Visual Basic 2005 Starter Kit (i.e., project templates) for a Black Jack card game.

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