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"Threads and Applications"
Article: “Threads and Applications,” from Explains why threads are important, identifying the tasks a thread would handle and thread communication. Includes a step-by-step discussion on how to create and use a thread. Code examples are provided and there are links to the source files and project files.
"A Small and Fast XML Parser for Native C++"
Article: “A Small and Fast XML Parser for Native C++,” by Kenny Kerr. Discusses why a new XML parser?, COM “Lite,” reading XML, writing XML, working with streams, text encoding when reading, text encoding when writing, dealing with large data values, and security considerations.
"Understanding Custom Build Rules in Visual C++"
Article: “Understanding Custom Build Rules in Visual C++ 2005: Building Flex and Bison Files from the IDE,” by Marian Luparu. Discusses what custom build rules are, using the FlexBison.rules custom build rule, importing a .rules file, enabling a rule in Visual C++, interfacing with the generated rule, creating a new custom build rule, creating a new rule file, and tips for custom build rules (including using macros, file batching, grouping properties by topic, user property, documentation, defaults and ordering custom build rules from the Tool Build Order window).

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Update :: November 15, 2019