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Visual C++ Resource Center

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The Code Project
The Code Project is a community of Visual Studio .NET developers. Their goals are to learn and teach, and to share source code and knowledge. The Code project has over 800,000 readers per month (world wide) and is part of the Microsoft CodeWise community. Resources include articles, tutorials, discussion boards and a weekly newsletter.
Microsoft CodeWise Community
Microsoft CodeWise Community is a source of tips, code samples, advice and news from experts on the Microsoft .NET Framework and Visual Studio .NET. Members come from the .NET Framework and Visual Studio .NET teams. Their Visual C++ online communities include .NET 247 (for .NET developer resources including articles and newsletters); CodeGuru (for Visual C++ programmers technical information and code); and CodeProject (for Windows developers who specialize C++, MFC, C# and .NET to share code, articles and tutorials).

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