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Visual C++ Resource Center

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Sample chapter: “Programming with Visual C++ 2005,” from Ivor Horton’s Beginning Visual C++ 2005, February 2006, by Ivor Horton. Discusses the .NET framework, common language runtime (CLR), writing C++ applications, learning Windows programming, learning C++, the C++ standards, console applications, and Windows programming concepts.

Sample chapter: “Introduction to Visual C++.NET,” from Microsoft Visual C++ .NET Language Reference, March 2006, by Microsoft Corporation. Discusses C++ keywords, modifiers, statements, C++ features, managed extensions, and C++ compiler options.

Sample chapter: “Introducing C++/CLI,” from C++/CLI: The Visual C++ Language for .NET, December 2006, by Gordon Hogenson. Discusses garbage collection and handles, the /clr compiler option, the virtual machine, the common type stream, reference types, value types, and the CLI and the .NET framework.

Sample chapter: “Introducing Visual Studio 2005,” from Working with Microsoft Visual Studio 2005, March 2007, by Marc Young and Brian Johnson. Discusses what is Visual Studio 2005?, developing for .NET, building native applications, Visual Studio 2005 features (including editors, designers and tool windows), the start page, and the editor.

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