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Visual C++ Resource Center

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"Visual C++ Today and Tomorrow"

Video: “Visual C++ Today and Tomorrow,” with Steve Teixeira (Group Program Manager at Microsoft) and Bill Dunlap (Program Manager at Microsoft). This 33-minute video discusses the evolution of VC++, how managed code has affected VC++, what the Microsoft VC++ team is doing and where VC++ is headed.


"Visual C++ ‘Orcas’-Marshaling Library and MFC..."
Video: “Visual C++ ‘Orcas’-Marshaling Library and MFC Support for Common Controls,” with Sarita Bafna (Program Manager VC++ Libraries Team at Microsoft). This 27-minute video discusses the new VC++ constructs available in Orcas, MFC support for common controls and the Marshaling Library for managed and unmanaged types.
"VC++ QA- The Best Job in the Biz"
Video: “VC++ QA- The Best Job in the Biz,” with Marina Polishchuk (software engineer on the VC++ control team). Marina’s job is to outsmart the compiler by developing clever programs to either confuse or break it. In this 25-minute video Marina explains what she does, why she does it and how she got here.
"STLCLR-STL Development in the Managed World"
Video: “STLCLR-STL Development in the Managed World,” with Nikola Dudar (Program Manager VC++ Libraries Group at Microsoft). This 36-minute video presents a detailed explanation of the Ocras STLCLR Library and discusses the other Ocras Libraries and the evolutionary trajectory of VC++.
"VC++ Safe Libraries and More"
Video: “VC++ Safe Libraries and More,” with Ale Contenti, senior development lead on the Microsoft VC++ team. This 50-minute video discusses what’s new in VC SL, things to consider in writing safe C++, how to write a performant C++ program using pointers explicitly, making the STL safer, how checked and unchecked iterators work, the STL/CLR, interacting with standard C types (e.g., arrays and integers) and potential future enhancements to the standards library.
Microsoft Instructional Videos on Visual C++ 2005
Videos: Four instructional Microsoft videos on Visual C++ 2005. They include: “Using Visual C++ Express Edition and the Platform SDK,” this six-minute video discusses the steps for downloading and installing the Platform SDK, and the changes to Visual C++ Express for integration of the PSDK with the Visual C++ Express Edition; “Editing and Compiling Existing C++ Files in Visual C++ Express,” this eight minute video discusses the steps for importing C++ files into Visual C++ Express with the project From Existing Code wizard, naming a project, importing files, and adding support for ATL, MFC and CLR; “Building Windows Forms Applications with Wizards in Visual C++ Express,” this 12-minute video discusses the steps to create a new Windows Form application using wizards available in Visual C++ Express including: naming a project, selecting settings, adding controls, adding event handling and building and running the application; and “Create a Console Application from an Empty Project in Visual C++ Express,” this four-minute video discusses the steps to create a C++ console application including: creating a new C++ file in a project, adding code, and building and running a console application.

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Update :: January 17, 2020