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Visual Studio Team System Resource Center

Visual Studio Team System Blogs
MSBuild Blog
The MSBuild blog discusses multi-targeting, ToolsVersion metadata for items used in MSBuild Tasks, Properties metadata, AdditionalProperties metadata, registry syntax in MSBuild v3.5, caching behavior in Orcas MSBuild, node reuse, Window Tab Management in Visual Studio, and more.
Visual Studio Team System Blog
The Visual Studio Team System blog. Topics include the Team System FAQ, known issues (including antivirus applications interfere with setup, AD/AM installation failure, the CQConverter Analyze command, and more), documentation walkthroughs, and integration with Microsoft Project server. Additional links are provided to archived issues of the blog, the Visual Studio Team System Developer Center and more.
Neno Loje's Visual Studio Team System Blog
Neno Loje's Visual Studio Team System (VSTS) Blog. Topics include Team System issues, the Team Foundation Server (TFS), Team Foundation Server activity logging, the Team Build server, the Team Test Load agent, the Team Foundation Version Control, the Team System Web Access (TSWA), TFS administration, TFS change management, TFS extensibility, TFS server administration, TFS work item tracking, and more.
The Visual Studio Code Analysis Team Blog
The Visual Studio Code Analysis Team Blog. Topics include code metrics (new for Visual Studio 2008), class coupling, depth of inheritance, cyclomatic complexity, lines of code, and a maintainability index. Additional topics include code analysis, community configuration custom rules, Team System tips and tricks and more.
Team Foundation Server Roadmap
Blog: Brian Harry’s Team Foundation Server Roadmap blog. Topics include servicing, TFS power tools, major releases, administration, operations, set-up, data warehouse, migration, version control, work item tracking, bug fixes, compatibility, and release after Orcas.
Visual Studio Team System Blogs and Feeds
The Visual Studio Team System blogs and RSS feeds. A complete list of all the blogs (including their links) from the Visual Studio Team System team. Categories include the Team Foundation, architecture, database development, testing, development. Visual developer (Team System MVPs), and project management.

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